Katrina-Ranbir sizzle at WILFW


Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani co-stars Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor sizzled down the ramp for designer Rohit Bal at the Grand Finale of Wills Lifestyle India Week. While Katrina wore a sequined short dress, Ranbir sported a sherwani.Like them?

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33 thoughts on “Katrina-Ranbir sizzle at WILFW

  1. i aint likin the cloths but Katrina fabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb with ranbir
    Kat ditch salman
    Ranbir ditch deepika although she is nice
    and match up – Katrina and ranbir z best ever………………..
    Wats wrong with Kats legs?????????????????????????

  2. cant say much for ranbir this outfit does nothing for im but kat look stunning her legs are so nie wouldnt mind having legs like that myself but she definatly caries that not so hot outfit of well and its short lengh making it lok slightly decent!!

  3. I think Kat and Ranbir looks really good together…
    No one could carry that look and Kat looks HOT… That’s what I call stylish plus gorgeous!!!

    Hottest Couple ever!!!

  4. J…. u shud get a life how come she isnt banned ADMIN she shud go and kill yourself HATER u r DISGRACE to the whole world and shame on your parents for making the way u r for 11 yr old !!!!

  5. wow all of these fans r blind u guys were all the ones that were complaining about gauri she looked a million times better than what katrina is looking right here. that woman still has a great figure after having two children and katrina looks fat and look at her legs eww.

  6. Lol u guys are such haterss.

    Lovee thoosee clothess!! But katrina’s hairstyle looks wierdd. it dsnt suit her i guess. but absolutelyy gorgeous clothess!


  8. they look alrite. k im not hating or nothing , But idk y i think katrina is getting uglier.SHe used to be pretty buts its like wtf happened.

  9. I LoVe U rAnBiR u ArE tHe bEsT i LoVe U !!! u ArE sImPlY gAwjaS u r ToTaLlY cOoL aNd I lOvE u So MuCh I wIlL AlWaYs LovE u To BiTz!!!! DiTcH dEePiKa PuDU FaCe AnD gO To KaTriNa KaIf ..!!! LoVe u BoTh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i agree they are both fugly designs.. this designer is a complete flop… her dress has too much going on for its size.. not to mention its awkward length.. the only thing that actually wasnt that bad was that if anyone can pull of a bad outfit slightly respectably is katrina kaif…
    same goes for ranbir raboor.. the top of the shewarni looks like its a womens coat.. like i understand being in touch with ur masculine side and appealing to the homosexual audience (but thats a very small market) also the pants with the sherwani are so baggy it ruins everything about it
    this designer is a complete disaster

  11. like them both and they look cool, but this clothes from Rohit Bal arent so good, katrina´s dress is too short and the flowers in ranbir´s clothes make it look bad.
    But I like this pair, they are really a blast!

  12. yeh come on people kat and ranbir are the best!! but kats legs look yuck. what is the flowery thingy on ranbirs clothes but anyway they look really good 2gether and love them 2 4ever.xxx

  13. Uh-ho – me thinks there’s romance budding! Hope Kat doesn’t fall into RK’s ‘trap’ – he looks starry-eyed or like he’s besotted with her in the first pic. Also hope she doesn’t end up breaking Sallu’s heart ….

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