Aishwarya gets Jaded


Check out Aishwarya Rai on the cover of Jade where she tops the list of 50 Southern beauties.The cover of the magazine is from previous issue of Verve.Like her?

32 thoughts on “Aishwarya gets Jaded

  1. u are very good actres i saw most your films in z chanel
    realy u are very beautiful lady


  2. Nadia,
    how could you even spread wrong information. I googled the video, she looks absolutely stunning and sweet and nice to her fans. She even waved a good bye to all of them. That was so kind. Would you do even that?? had u been in her place????
    She is just a bit exhausted and not smiling because of the tedious journey.
    If sleepiness is arrogance then even you’re arrogant to your maid if they wake u up early in the morning.

    Shame on you for spreading wrong information about her who is so dear to most of the Indians.

  3. she is full of crap…has anyone seen the oprah interview with ash and abhi..oh gosh i felt like slapping her..she is the only person who gives the worst you can see in her face that she is so full of attitude and arrogant..she needs to ease a bit people like printy zinta and rani when they give interviews u you know it comes from the heart..

  4. hey guys jus do a google seach of aishwarya rai at the peru airport..jus c how arrogant she is…i cudnt belve it…her fans r so crazy and saying things to her but she did sign autographs but was so ful of attitde

  5. i totally agree with farah…her interviews are so fake esp her laugh..she does not have a good PR..i think sushmita and bips are the best with interviews..

  6. Enough already! Please give us a break. The woman is over exposed & aging fast! You have the power to promote beautiful young women, please give us fresh faces.

  7. She willingly donated a hefty one crore to the soldiers during the Kargil war. Every one is charmed by the juxtaposition of warmth and reserve that she possesses, that is why the people of Netherlands saw it appropriate to name their most enchanting tulip after the lady. The issue of People magazine featuring Nicole Richie and her baby caused the sales to plummet, we sincerely hope that our gorgeous “Ash” can make the magazine rise like a phoenix and the copies will be flying out of the stands before we one can say “Crazy kiya re…”. SO stop saying rubbish about her..she is trullyy the best

  8. can you be so’have beaten them all aish..and where is preity..She isn’t anywmore in the news..want to hear about preity..

    AISH.Preity fan

  9. AISHWARYA is so sweet in her intervieuws…you can’t say anything bad about you pick somthing that’s not true…


  10. Agree wit u Farah… She is soo fake n dumb in interviews. she cannot be simple and try to adopt a fake enlish accent. And also she is soooooo pretentious. hate this big time drama queen…

  11. i dont know why people are so crazy for actors..they are normal human being.
    go on youtube and just see how to apply makeup, fake lashes,and photo shoot and anyone could look like that…

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