Salman Khan sells London Dreams tickets


It’s the latest way of promoting a flick, Salman Khan after the success of Wanted in single screen theatres, has turned a ticket seller in singe screen theater – Delite to promote and sell the tickets of his upcoming flick London Dreams.

Salman who said at the booking clerk’s table to sell advanced autographed tickets of London Dreams to fans says, “It was Vipul’s idea to connect with audience.Every film needs promotion and it should be done differently for movie.”

London Dreams will hit theatres on October 30. Do you think the movie will be a hit?

18 thoughts on “Salman Khan sells London Dreams tickets

  1. It will be a hit for sure.

    Speaking of over acting, I dont think that makes much of a difference. If it did, then SRK would have been out of Bollywood from day 1. No one over acts more than that guy.

  2. lol no the difference is he over acted most of his part like the rest of his movies. the only recent movie of his that was good was wanted thats y ppl watched it and now he went back to his overacting self he beats kareena in this category.

  3. good promotion!! people bought the ticket of his other super hit film WANTED!!! no need to worry if the film is good =D MAMK was stupid film and he had small character than his full character in WANTED thats the difference……….

  4. wanted was an awesome film. i think london dreams is also gna be good. i love salman khan he is my favourite n i wish him the best of luck.

  5. It will be HIT!! I met salman khan and asin in here DUBAI!!! They so nice!!! it was huge fun and the film is good, its like musical Sholay!!!

  6. as far as `ve heard.. 1st half s gud,.. 2nd half s a bit borin.. so overseas hit. in india may be semi hit. surely not a blockbuster.

  7. The story + cast are good so I’m sure it will be – even the director’s previous movies were enjoyable so all in all, yeah I reckon we have have a hit!

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