Shahid's spotboy stopped at US airport


After SRK,it was Shahid Kapoor’s turn to wait at New York airport for 90 minutes, not for himself but for his spotboy Mohammed Manzoor Alam also known as Mamu.

Mamu is an elderly man who has been Shahid’s spotboy since he started in the Bollywood flick industry.

When Shahid was moving from Philadelphia to New York for the shooting schedule of his untitled movie, Mamu was stopped and was questioned for special clearance.

A unit member reveals, β€œThe questioning lasted for nearly 90 minutes. Though Mamu has travelled extensively to most countries with Shahid, USA is the only country he had not visited.”

When Mamu was stopped for special questioning, Shahid noticed that he was nervous, so Shahid sat with Mamu all through the 90-minute grilling session after which he was let off.

Shahid’s spokesperson confirmed the story.

21 thoughts on “Shahid's spotboy stopped at US airport

  1. Do remember, US knows how to protect its countrymen. Its not like India, where people go on dying every now and then in terrorist attacks.

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwww. how fweet. lol. well i hav always known shahid is down to earth n kind. remember wen an iranian girl came 2 c him from iran. he not only sent her food and water for 2 days but contacted the iranian embassy and sent her back to iran heimself. and he didnt show off about it in the media lyk oder big stars wud hav dun.

  3. A very warm and kind gesture by Shahid – more so considering “Mamu” is elderly. Shows Shahid’s not full of himself and doesn’t consider himself beneath anyone. I always liked him and think even more highly of him now!

  4. i agree wid N but pari is not at fault not all muslims are terrorists and its wrong to stop them. u probabaly dont have exprience but alot of ppl do. americans should be a little open minded. and its really sweet how shahid waited for his stip boy! πŸ˜€

  5. Pari you’re no angel but a bit of a racist!! Of course they’re going to check who comes and goes into the country. Have you forgotten 9/11?

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