Shilpa-Raj to get engaged tomorrow

Shilpa-Ramp-Mumbai (2)

Sultry actress Shilpa Shetty will get engaged to her long time boyfriend industrialist Raj Kundra tomorrow.

A source reveals,”The engagement ceremony will be a simple and private one held at Raj’s 7th floor flat in Juhu. It’s very hush-hush and only close family and friends will attend. Shilpa and her family have decided to go ahead with engagement date after much deliberation and consultation with family astrologers, including her mother Sunanda.”

Shilpa apparently was a bit reluctant to get engaged without sister Shamita, who is in Bigg Boss house, . “Shilpa was keen that Shamita too be a part of such a special event in her life but the time is extremely auspicious. Finally, she gave in to the pressure,” says the source.

Shilpa will be wearing a Manish Malhotra saree for her engagement, “The saree is simple with no embellishments like crystals or zari work, but a thin gold border. The choli is vintage and in different shades of gold with gold tassels. The saree has been deliberately kept simple as Shilpa will be wearing heavy rubies, diamonds and emeralds in ornaments designed by Anmol Jewellers,” the source adds.

Congratulations Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty. :)

20 thoughts on “Shilpa-Raj to get engaged tomorrow

  1. She deserves way better, I hope they don’t get married at all or if they do I hope they get a divorce very soon so she can find herself a better and more presentable man and not an ape-looking guy like this Kundra dude.

  2. Good luck to Shilpa. She just needs to remember that any man who leaves his wife and baby for you may one day leave you for a newer model.

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