Kareena talks about Kurbaan poster


Some of you have hated it, some of you have loved it – Kurbaan’s promotional poster featuring bare-bodied Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor has everybody hooked to it.

Talking about the poster Kareena says, “Everything is symbolic including Saif’s wound and my wet hair it represents passion, sensuality and emotional violence. Kurbaan is a love story with an undertone of violence a combination of love and violence. Everyone – from my mom to my sister Karisma is eagerly waiting for Kurbaan to release. It will remain one of my top three favourite films along with Omkara and Jab We Met.”

It’s also the first flick where Kareena has dared to bare alot, talking about her passionate scenes Kareena says, “Not once did I feel awkward while shooting any scene for the film. It’s always easier to shoot for romantic and passionate scenes with someone you are dating, because of the comfort level.

Also I am very close to Rensil D’Silva (the director) while Karan is like family and I trusted them completely. I knew whatever they shot would come out very classy. And the poster proves that.”

Producer Karan also talks about Bebo-Saif’s steamy scenes,, “Kareena and Saif were very comfortable with the romantic scenes. It also helped in the passionate romantic scenes as Saif and Kareena are a couple. That helped them in the comfort zone. They are also very credible, talented and professional actors who can convey passion and sensuality with conviction. Bebo and Saif had trust in our aesthetic sense and our campaign while Rensil’s vision and Rahul Nanda’s (publicity designer) expertise has made it a mind-blowing poster.”

So folks do you think the poster is mind-blowing?

22 thoughts on “Kareena talks about Kurbaan poster

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  2. hey guys this is just i would say shockin…for d great kapoor’s family name…this so tryin to be sexy and beautiful female has just gone that extra mile to demolish the hard earned goodwill…Bullshit…its just probably cheap…rightly said by some1 just an act to tempt locals….DAMN GET A LIFE…BUT WITH SELF RESPECT!!!!…morons

  3. I don’t see passion or sensuality in the faces…..or in the eyes….it’s a poster of naked bodies, that should attract the locals!!!

    Right Karan…a marketing ploy?

  4. kareena..nice pose
    earn money by posing semi-nude
    wheres all da kapoor khandan …this is something they should see with their wide eyes..especially papa Rand & super mum Bab

  5. if i was bebo i would never do such a role even if i was offered a million pounds. why stand naked in front of a man even if its ur husband?? after all bebo , if God forbid u and saif break up that moment will remain in ur loves and its u who will be disgusted with it. anyway it looks alright and i think them too got paid a lot for doing scenes like that. but still dont strip ur self for money

  6. Agree N (#1) – not mindblowing but … catchy maybe … Also read the article you refer to – contradictions, conradictions! Guess its ‘promotion’ time for the movie so anything will go now! Have to admit I’m looking forward to the movie – only hope there’s not too many explicit scenes – especially for family viewing.

  7. Wotz so special bout this poster I mean it’s not exactly original is it I didn’t kno stripping off wud be thot or looked at as being creative and innovative kareena Iz jus a slapper end of.

  8. some ppl are just jealous. I love the couple, and ppl criticise her for leaving shahid, I am sure there must have been a reason behind it. Let her be guys. Its easy to point fingers…..

  9. i dont think it will be a flop. it seems like it has a good story line. and most humans care about money. i think when ppl talk shit they should try to make sense out of it. its pure jealousy.

  10. I wouldnt say mind blowing but its ok – and wasnt there an article a few weeks back saying how saif and kareena were apprehensive about the scenes and were thinking of cutting them out and now theyre competely comfortable lolz!!

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