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Which actress looks good with the side bangs and which one looks bad? Katrina,Diya,Genelia,Priyanka,Rani or Chitrangdha?

57 thoughts on “Poll of the Day

  1. How long does it take to get our comment posted one week or never ? or only girls comment are posted? whatevrr crap jasmin and so many names she pretends to be are alwyas posted what about other people? this who ever is the moderator here need to know htat this is not the only site so stop acting as the king and posting only girls comment u desperate madarchodhh!

  2. hey admin….. keep changing the gossip after about 1 or 2 days otherwise it kinda gets boring! good poll though.
    whats wrong with priyanka? nothing. she looks normal and beautiful too. her hair looks good. ranis hair is not that umm puffy like priyankas. its too thinned out. genilia is looking like a ugly woman. oh i forgot she is!

  3. whats is a side bang? anyway what ever it is, priyanka looks the best!
    best to worst

    genilia looks ugly and katrinas face looks like a mans

  4. Chitragdha need to wash her face before coming to event no need to show everyone that was too busy having naughty time all night long her face shows it all and she looks old and Jumbo too !

  5. I honestly think everyone looks good. I mean if I see them in real life – I will be like ‘She is so pretty’. But sometimes camera can take really bad pics and the lighting will ruin it. Anyways they all look good. I don’t call anyone ugly (No matter how ugly they are :) ) I only call Aish unattractive and I am not gonna apologise for her.

  6. i think kat and genelia look really bad
    whereas everyone else looks hot
    btw i dont think its called bangs
    i think its called a fringe!!

  7. Priyanka looks the best with the side bangs. She has the perfect features to go with it. Katrina
    looks horrible with it, it makes her face so much longer looking than it already is. If you have
    a round oval face like priyanka then you can match any hair style without looking ridiculous.

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