Abhi-Ash advert Sneak-Peek


Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai for the first time are coming together commercial. Check out the screen caps from the advertisement for Lux Soap. Going by the pictures it seems like Abhi is angry and Ash is trying to persuade him.What do you think folks?


39 thoughts on “Abhi-Ash advert Sneak-Peek

  1. why do u call ash a aunty? its not her fault if she is in her 30s! one day u lot will be old too and then people will call u aunty and uncle. how would u feel? u probaly havnt thought of that. everyone is gonna age sooner or later and so are u 2! live with the fact or get a life people.

  2. look forward to seeing the Ad! I can’t believe people are so ageist and call her an Aunty! She’s in her 30s, some women are just becoming mothers for the first time at this age, so grow up. She looks great.

  3. 25 crores down the drain! these two cant act even after 10+ yrs in movies or look good on camera
    aish will be making a fool out of herself wit her fake accent and plastic smile
    abhishek will look like a loser
    i hope with the 25 crores they will attend acting lessons

  4. Aishwarya looks really ugly even though she recently spent a day in SPA (a.k.a botox session)
    I really don’t wanna see the video – Abhishek will be acting dumb and like a freak and Aish will be giggling and showing off for nothing. 25 crores wasted for nothing. They should have just donated to people who are starving. That 25 crores will be spend lavishly by Aishwarya for her cosmetic procedures. No wonder India can never become a well-known country because greedy, selfish people like Aishwarya and her Bachchan family stays in India.

  5. lol i feel bad for the people who worked behind the scenes
    must have stayed up lot of night because it takes so many people to airbrush aishwarya rai
    i dont know why but she looks fake with her plastic face and smile
    abhishek on the other hand looks hairy and ugly as usual
    overrated talentless couple india ever saw

  6. WOW she never looked this horrible!
    Boring and she looks old
    Abhi on the other hand is SO ugly – makes me wanna throw up
    Definitely the ugliest and disgusting couple on Bollywood

  7. looks horrible and sooo bad they make the worst pair and aishwarya looks like a witch here soo scary she looks horrible ewwwwww she looks soo old and soo bad this is a horrible commercial!

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