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Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan

According to you which celebrity couple rocked the ramp together? SRK-Gauri,Salman-Katrina or Saif-Kareena?

105 thoughts on “Poll of the Day

  1. i like srk, bt i don’t like his hair, he should change his hair style.

    bt in this pix i think salman & katrina look so cute!!!!

  2. some people are sayin dat gauri need 2 act er age, wat is it 2 u wat she does she lives er life nt urs. i fink all 3 couples luk fantastic

  3. Ofcourse none other than Salman n Katrina!!!!!!!
    I hate Kareena for what she did to Shahid and once she is done she will dump Saif as well….. just a matter of time. Shahrukh looks great but with Gauri beside him aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! he looses his significance n dignity.

  4. Don’t you think this piece of news is getting stale? This should have been removed days ago. Who wants to see the old and ugliest couple SRK and Gauri. They should be out. Gauri is trying to make a name for herself since she is no actress but she cannot be a model. She is so ugly. Because of her money she is being given a chance but truly speaking she is no model| I know the truth hurts.

  5. First of all hate Gauri.. how can srk be with her.. she looks so old
    salman and kat look nice if only they were a bit closer to each other. Saif and Kareena steals the show i think they look like a very hot couple

  6. I like SRK but I don’t like Gauri. Don’t know why, but he looked so uncomfortable on the ramp!
    So I think Saif looks better, just because he is smiling. Though I’m not very fond of Kareena, either.

    And YES!, SRK definitely needs a new haircut!!! He looks like a boy at school ^^

  7. shah rukh and gauri look good…katrina and salman loook ok..don’t look like couple.away from each other…
    kareena looks worst..she can’t stand straight…..she looks so ugly with the pose….saif looks good

  8. I Think Jasmin got Madcow disease that is why she is commenting so many times in every poll its time she shud be kicked out from here or get Banned she is just annoying !

  9. defo sallu n kat,no doubt!!!
    bebo has takin a weird pose and saif looks like a bloody pirate!!
    gauri holds on to srk like he is going to run away from her,i wud for sure,lol
    srk looks like he was made from wax,sooo fake

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  11. @ 9 and 64 This girl is crazy commenting on each and every poll SHE SHOULD BE BANNED !!!!!she is so ANNOYING !!!go do some house chores instead !! your comment stinks

  12. srk is strutting and gauri looks really weird!!!

    salman and katrina lewk really nice and i would say that thats a first and

    kareena and saif look like weirdos!! im very dissappointed in kareena :(

  13. DEfinenitely a cute couple…by the way
    I am a beautiful lock on Hrithik’s head full of gorgeous hair! As I have observed, from my vantage point (of being on top of Hrithik’s head, duh!), a lot of you want glamourous locks…but (sigh, sigh) very few of you manage to look like me. So, I will try to be at my swishiest best and using my enviable position to best advantage, I’ll tell you the secrets of my beauty and of course, I’ll give you a glimpse of what goes on in Hrithik’s world. … See you there!

  14. hey! for sure it’s salmannnnnnn oh i so love him so much he is sooo handsome!! gauri looks like a slut with tht skirt she is old 2 wear tht kind of cloth… i love all salman’s fans and this is 4 all of u who love him… hw r u?

  15. I think Sharukh and Gauri looks the best. I think Ziba u are a jealous and hypocrite person.
    There is no age counts. I think she is very beautiful.Good on you Gauri you look great with your husband
    we love you

  16. What the fly? My comments are not posted.

    1. Sallu and Katz because they are not showing their love off too much. She is there to support him. That’s so sweet. I think if you are in love than you don’t have to prove it to the world that you are in love and you don’t have to touch each other every sec you get you can do that in private. True Love can also be seen in the eyes. That’s enough!
    2. Saif and Bebo cause they’re put together so well.

  17. 1. Sallu and Katz because they are not showing their love off too much. She is there to support him. That’s so sweet. I think if you are in love than you don’t have to prove it to the world that you are in love and you don’t have to touch each other every sec you get you can do that in private. True Love can also be seen in the eyes. That’s enough!
    2. Saif and Bebo cause they’re put together so well (Nice clothes).

  18. Gauri looks like an ugly sl*t. salman and katrina dont look like a couple but they are the most good looking people in 3rd world India :)

  19. Gauri Khan was amazing and very confident. Represents the modern India. SRK and Gauri all the way!!!! They don’t pretend or believe in show-off. Kareena and Saif are good but not time tested. Gauri and SRK are an ideal couple.

  20. FYI katrina ws not walking wth salman,but katrina ws still luking sooo awesome!
    but saifeena ws luking the best! and so wresrk and gauri

  21. Saif and Kareena look like a real couple. Salman and Katrina look so far apart. SRK is looking nice but Gauri should not wear such a short skirt cause it makes him look bad.

  22. The only Hot mother in bollywood is Malike Arora Khan!!!! Gauri is the ugliest bollywood mother and she copies her style from her friend Malika Khan

  23. i think mein aur mrs khanna 😀 Salman looking at kareeeenaaa in such a seductive way n beautiful kareena is blusshing into saifo’r arms saying oh i think i like salman more than you saifo loser! 😀 LMAO!!!!!!!

  24. Salman didn’t come out with Kat as a couple on his show…He was just showing that he has all his friend there….So i just say sallu and kat are just friend not couple!!!!!!
    If they had come togther, i would have pick them as best couple!!
    SRK and Kareena had werried poses with their beloveds!!

  25. its not salmans choice to show his gf’s body or not and i think she has shown off enough in her movie boom if ur gonna talk about that.
    SRK and GAURI anyday. Katrina is his daughters age.

  26. I always respected Salman-Katrina relationship. These two are not media attention seekers and extremely private couple.
    They don’t have to brag about their relationship for publicity.

    I love them because they are real and both looks HOT. Together they look passionate and classy.

    There is some real love in there.. Genuine couple of bollywood.. So I pick them..

    And that being said I love Saif-Bebo and Srk-Gauri too :)

  27. Salman and Katrina, I respect salman for not showing his gf body in public. SRK is ugly and his ugly wife is garbage and YUCK. SAFEENA are show off and attention seekers. SALMAN AND KATRINA ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

  28. saif kareena cos i dont like sallu at all, he doesnt deserve someone as nice and pretty as kat. Akki and kat should go together cos they both are really nyc couple

  29. The only real couple srk and gauri. she looks great after having 2 kids. srk looks good too. i guess the hair style for the movie. saif and kareena look ok and so do salman and kat but y is she standing behind him?

  30. 1. Salman and Katrina
    2. Saif and Kareen (pose looked odd, I guess she wants to have a bigger BUTT)
    3. I love Shah but he did need a new hair cut and his wife (needs a face lift)
    with her skinny legs (very typical for Indian bulit, bigger heavy chest with flat ass and skinny legs) eweeee!

  31. although i don’t like nearly half of those actors/actresses (i must confess), all the couple look so great together!

  32. i think saif and kareena win the show cause atleast bebos dress is nice and both look beautiful together. salman and kat look good too but it would be better if salman was a bit closer to katrina cause they are too far away and dont look like a couple. i dont know why all of u r saying that gauri should act her age cause in his new films, salman is clearly not acting his age….

    Priyanka: be quite jasmin. salman is the best.

  33. Kareena looks ridiculous with her back arched like that. Saif’s looking awesome, though.

    Katrina looks a natural on the ramp– I don’t care what people say, smiling rocks. But Salman’s looking smug.

    Shah Rukh looks great on the ramp (though he needed to smile!), but Gauri does need to act her age. Plus, she looks completely plastic.

  34. Id have to say salman and katrina cz they both look fab. Kareena and siaf look good too but kareena’s pose is a bit weird, shahrukh and gauri also looks good but i didnt like what gauri was wearing much so i say katrina and salman!!

  35. Salman and Katrina and then Saif and Kareena.

    SRK needed a new hair cut and Gauri needs to act her age and act like a mom. It is so not right for a mother of 2 kids to wear such a short short skirt.

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