Neil got beaten up


Neil Nitin Mukesh is following Aamir Khan’s footsteps literally for his upcoming Madhur Bhandarkar flick Jail.

Apparently to achieve the perfect look, Neil got himself beaten up by his close buddies to achieve the look of a tortured prisoner. Neil also did not bath for three days continuously and stopped talking to anybody to make himself look real on screen.

Neil took almost one month to get over the solitary confinement he self imposed on himself, after the shooting of Jail got finished.

12 thoughts on “Neil got beaten up

  1. thats what u call a true actor. now adays actors just put make up to look beaten up but atleast neil suffered the pain to make the film look real. just hope that the film is a hit otherwise all that smashing up will go in waste…..

  2. Well done Neil – I hope he gets recognition – he was great in Johnny Gaddaar and NY. I don’t think he’ll need much ‘bashing’ up – he’s so light-skinned that I’m sure he’d bruise with the slightest touch. Hmmm, don’t know if he had to go the extremes of not bathing tho – can’t see how that can be depicted on screen!

  3. Awww if it’s true then he is one determined actor!

    I love him.. I want to see Kat-Neil again.. They both looked incredibly HOT together..

  4. I’m so sick of these movies by Madhur. They are always cliched and melodramatic – supposedly showing us the ‘real’ side of whatever topic he decides to exploit. I would like to see someone make a parody of his movies. Wait, his movies are already parodies.

  5. oh gosh.. why do they exaggerate actors? lol oh he made his friends beat him up and didn’t shower
    for 3 days and stopped talking to ppl. lol dying for attention. these “actors” shouldn’t have
    friends speaking for them, they should only allow their work to speak for itself.

  6. Wow thats scary getting beaten up just for the role and not taking a bath!! He does look in character in the pic though so it must be working!!

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