Karishma:I am not into Yoga


While Kareena Kapoor swears by Yoga for her perfect figure, elder sister Karisma Kapoor prefers the traditional “gym and a walk” exercise regime.

Lolo says, “Kareena is the yoga endorser (of our family). She gets after us to do yoga. But I am not so much into yoga as she is. She has really taken to it and it’s a great form of exercise but I prefer the gym.”

“I live a healthy lifestyle. I eat well, but I exercise and do everything in moderation. I go to the gym or for a walk and that’s it for me.”

Talking about Kareena’s size zero figure, Karishma says, “I don’t think there’s any size zero. I genuinely feel that Kareena just lost all her baby fat. She made herself fit and got the cuts that her body has. She just worked at getting that and has been able to bring that out.”

So guys who looks ravishing?Karishma or Kareena?

15 thoughts on “Karishma:I am not into Yoga

  1. Don’t forget that these two sisters come from a family of natural fatties, so they have to work very hard to be slim. Good on to both of them for whatever they’re doing. Earring nice, but what’s happening to the deformed ear lobe???? not a good look.

  2. Who Cares what Karishma does gym or yoga her days are gone anyways plus @ Angel people have right to express their opinion since they are public figure you dont need to get offended with thats kareena isnt exactly your mother anyways lol so keep that sorts of attitude to yourself and Jasmin you go to hell you r nothing but a big time loser!

  3. They’re both Okay. I think I have liked her more ever since she stopped doing movies. Both them sisters like to push the envelope and Karisma certainly did that when she was in the industry and now her sister is doing that. I think she started to look better after she got married. She has a much relaxed face (kinda like Demi Moore). BTW I love her fashion choices after she got married. She very covered up now. Loves it!

  4. Lee – you are so stupid and immature twit

    Please stick to your Aishwarya Rai’s Topics

    Comments like this only make people wonder ‘Isn’t it exactly what Aish done’

    Aish also went under knife so don’t make it out to be such a bad thing. Millions of women undergo surgeries and you are so retarded and uneducated to make it sound like it’s bad. You got no evidence Bebo did surgery so why don’t you just keep this filthy thoughts yourself? I now get why people like you are Aish’s fan – both are insecure and STUPID!

    I prefer Kareena but Karishma ages gracefully – look at her!

  5. I really think that karishma might be more slimer than karrena even now and she has always looked more pretier and more slimer than kareena

  6. they are both like really hot but i reckon karishma has a more feminine look to her and i prefer that so yaaa…. kaarishma is the girl next door and kareena is the gal every guy fantasizes of…..

  7. Yeah, yeah, Why not tell us about the plastic surgery? Kareena supposedly got lipo to look size zero. It was not from doing yoga.

    Now she is back to her normal size since you cannot do lipo too often – have to wait a couple years between treatment.

  8. They both look fab but i have always said that I find karishma prettier (although she isnt looking that good in the pic) and i like the way she presents herself!! Kareena is also pretty and a good actress but i have always preffered karishma!!

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