Grandchildren are Big B's inspiration


Megastar Amitabh Bachchan is playing the role of a 12 year old progeric in his upcoming flick Paa and his inspiration for the role are his grand kids.

Amitabh says, “A lot of prosthetics went into making me look like a 12-year-old in ‘Paa’. I did try to watch kids and took a little bit of hints from my own kids’ childhood, but I took most from my grandchildren. They were quite an inspiration for me for ‘Paa’.”

Amitabh plays the role of a child who suffers from progeria which makes him age prematurely. His parents in the flick are Abhishek Bachchan and Vidya Balan.

13 thoughts on “Grandchildren are Big B's inspiration

  1. don´t agree with Jasmin…Vidya is fine in the place she is…if R Balakrishnan did want Vidya in this film it´s because she´s a great actress..she already made a role of a mother and it was great «Heyy Babyy» soooooooooooooo don´t agree …by the way ooooooooooooooo big b strange

  2. kids with progeric age faster but still look like kids,they dont look this scary.
    its unrealistic,kids who have the disease are going to feel like monsters after seeing this pic.
    they beta cst a kid to play the role ,not an elderly, cuz a kid still knows best how to act like a kid!!!
    he looks more like the hunchback of notre dame with his big head!!!!

    maybe this time my comment will show!!!!!

  3. why not cast a kid?!
    i mean a an old man that plays a 12 year old,its shows.
    and a persoon that has progeric never gets older than 12-18 years.
    the kids may looks older becuz of the disease but you can still see that its still a kid,this movie is going to be veryy unrealistic.
    They dont look that scary!!
    he looks more like the hunchback of notre dame

  4. curious case of benjamin button>>>>curious how much pa will resemble it>>by the way
    I am a beautiful lock on Hrithik’s head full of gorgeous hair! As I have observed, from my vantage point (of being on top of Hrithik’s head, duh!), a lot of you want glamourous locks…but (sigh, sigh) very few of you manage to look like me. So, I will try to be at my swishiest best and using my enviable position to best advantage, I’ll tell you the secrets of my beauty and of course, I’ll give you a glimpse of what goes on in Hrithik’s world. Follow me at … See you there!

  5. Big B, no it can´t be him…Vidya and Abhishek mother aur father?
    this film will rock!!
    but big b looks very strange…poor Vidy and Abhi

  6. Its very unusual – i do hope it works though because it seems that amitabh and abhi have alot of hopes for the film, only time will tell if its god or not!

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