Kat didn't like Sallu's painting dress


We saw real life couple Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif walking hand in hand at his Being Human show at HDIL Couture Week. However Salman revealed that Katrina did not like his hand painting dress which she wore on the ramp.

Salman said, “Honestly, she didn’t appreciate it much. Nevertheless, she enjoyed being a part of the show.” So does he plan to continue painting? “I don’t plan anything. I love painting and that’s why I do it.”

However during the Being Human show, Katrina talking about her dress and said, “It’s a work of art.Within hours in the morning Shane and Falguni Peacock took my measurement and stitched the dress for me. It’s got an amazing feel flow and look to it. Almost surreal. I feel different wearing it. And when I’m the only girl walking the ramp for Salman.”

Hmmm! Folks did you like Sallu’s hand painted dress?

29 thoughts on “Kat didn't like Sallu's painting dress

  1. i like the dress it looks different and honestly any dress or t-shirt dont look like work of art so i think salman has shown it …….

  2. Hmm strange how comfortable he is with Katrina!

    Most men would not even think about saying things like this because they know they will get in trouble..

    I think these two are incredibly comfortable with eachother and not at all insecure..

  3. kick jasmin off this site…. she annoying… irritating… and ruuude!!
    and a liar….liar….liar… BIGGG FAKEEEE LIIIIAR!

  4. Dresses like that are Art and were used in Sex and the City the series. It’s too long and the top part makes the dress look weird. Otherwise with some changes the dress could look better. I saw the video she actually pulled it off. She has her opinion and if she doesn’t like his dress choice that is totally understood. Some guys aren’t that good with picking out jewelry and dresses for their girls. And she’s right the “Dress is ART”. Only a painter can appreciate the work that he or she paints.

  5. Jasmin, is that your 4 year old cousin commenting?? and wants Salman to smack Katrina??? Well you need to teach her some respect for people.

  6. priyanka: why cant sallman give catrina a smac on the face? she shoud not have said that to sallman. and she has to know that sallman is the best!1 i like you a lot

  7. my 4 year old cousin wants to comment on every page so when i put down priyanka that means that comment is from her

    priyanka: hello!1 i like sallman khan and i think that catrina caif is nice too. i like you a lot salman and you are the best

  8. Well getting into all of Salmans news and posting stupid comment..whtz the use?
    if you dont like him fine
    no onez forcing you
    but by saying all this stupid stuff your just pissing offf his fanz you stupid

  9. Jasmin considering a few days ago you were commenting on the fact that people shouldnt comment badly about stars whether they hate them or not your comments seem to be the opposite!! Anyways, the dress is ok although i wouldnt wear something like that with the weird man on it but you gotta admit salman is a pretty good artist and katrina liked it so it mustve been good!!

  10. Rhilex that is what you call thinking outside the box
    salman thinks different therefore designed such a unique piece of clothing
    not juz sm random dress that anyone can wear an find
    and this jasmine is really pissing me off now

  11. Salman Khan is more talented than I thought. I think he should continue making his art and start up an official clothing line because I love his work! His acting on the other hand now days is sub par.

  12. I think i have gone a little bit on salman. i love art, drawing painting coulering etc etc… oh well just cause salman loves art and i hate him it dont mean im gonna change my love for art. no way.

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