Akshay and Kats De Dana Dan trailer

Check out the theatrical trailer of De Dana Dan starring, Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, Paresh Rawal, Katrina Kaif and Sameera Reddy, it’s a comic caper. Like it?

13 thoughts on “Akshay and Kats De Dana Dan trailer

  1. #11 Aisha Batool – she wouldn’t do a movie like WYR
    Seriously that movie was crap! Too long and so stupid
    So Kat won’t torture people like that – Kat is smart! The movie was a huge FLOP!
    She can do comedy roles and seriously roles at the same time – that’s what I call talent

    Get a life hater

  2. Might i just add that Ms Katrina Kaif looks exactly the same in all of her films, she never tries anything new, she always plays the same character as well aka the dumb girlfriend….i bet she could never do what priyanka did in ‘What’s Your Rashee’

  3. in all honesty, i don’t like the trailer as it really isn’t up to standard and it doesn’t live up to the purpose of a trailer

    i reckon this film would be a boxoffice average or flop had it not had a good star cast but due to the fact it does have a good one thats the main reason ppl are going to c it

  4. Same funny Akki. I guess he can’t succeed with serious roles so he continues to do these funny roles to keep his status in the industry. I am getting bored!

  5. Proven hit combo here so expecting a good night out when this movie comes out.

    I like paresh and Akshay. Sunil Shetty is forgetting how to act.

  6. I quite like it although it doesnt give much away but the film looks fresh and funny so im up for it and plus akshay,sunil and paresh (from hera pheri) are in back together so im sure it will be good!! Katrina and Sameera looks good too – havent seen sameera in films since time and Katrina normally does a decent job with comedies and same goes for sameera!!

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