Aishwarya:I am not on any website


Fans are excited to talk to their favorite actress Aishwarya Rai on a popular networking website, however Aishwarya insists that somebody is faking her.

Aishwarya says, “I was taken aback and at the same time amused that I exist on the social networking sites… when I don’t. That too when the impostor was posting messages like I would be, obviously taking cues from the various interviews I give. That person is aware of my schedules which is also available to the media. When I do get online, I will let everyone know, I owe it to my fans. So the next time you write to me expecting to get a response, you can be sure it’s not me. The social networking sites are a great way to communicate but then it should be done with some kind of authentication.”

Folks by chance did you talk to the fake Aishwarya Rai on any social networking site?

34 thoughts on “Aishwarya:I am not on any website

  1. she is so beautiful,dont be so rude and jealous,its kind of wired that she has bright skin and she is indian… but she is definitely amazing!

  2. i was typing for my cousin if u can read. plus she has gone back to birmingham just 10 mins ago so close the sublect down. and its not my fault if i dont know what 8 – hater means. my comment was number 8 and rena jones said somin about 8 being a hater so i thought that she though that i hate ash. …

  3. I Agree She doesn’t have anything in the world and gather her so called 4 year old cousin to post comment here and she expect people to appreciate her stupidity she is so annoying and i think she doesn’t have any work than gathering all the people from neighborhood and comment on here hahaha so verdict JASMIN shud be banned or else ignored !

  4. jasmin shud be baned……. im serious…… rena jones wasnt talkin to her….. jasmin is a liar…….. no 11 year old person can talk like her nad then she says her 4 year old cuin is typing a message………. ughhhh…. sum1 plzzz throw jasmin off this website!!

  5. you’d have to be stupid to think tht such a big celebrity woould
    be on socail networking sites. i mean with all movies and busy
    scehduale how can ayone find the time to reply everyone and

    jasmin: Rena jones was referring to comment # 8 ur comment 😀

  6. Pretty funny how people could get away with it.

    Anyways, I seriously think Jasmin should be banned from this site. She is downright annoying and clueless.

  7. hey Rena Jones why do u think im a hater?? i never said anything rude or stupid about ash so why do u think im a hater??? Please reply back to tell me why u think im a hater

  8. this is my 4 year old cousin again whos name is priyanka.

    hello evyone i am priyanka !1
    ashwarya is the best and i like her alot.
    she is the bestt. but i dont like ahbishekk that nuch.,
    buy buy!!

  9. Lol no i havent come across a fake Ash on the internet but there are alot of celebrities that are faked on facebook, twitter or other sites which needs to stop!!

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