Imran-Ranbir at HDIL Couture Week


The newbies of Bollywood, Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor sashayed down the ramp for Karan Johar’s show. First they wore studded jackets and then changed into single side button suits.Both the newbies look hot.Ain’t they?



31 thoughts on “Imran-Ranbir at HDIL Couture Week

  1. I think u r biggest fool ever Jasmin for commenting and gossiping like u have mad cow disease u shud be BANNED gal! your commnet sux big time!

  2. Ranbir is SO UGLY!! Damn, his DAD was HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! OUCH!!!!! WTF happened to his son!
    Karan Johal, that FAG, with his fake smile all the time. big GOSSiper!

  3. If we are comparing the shows. I have to admit that Salman Khans show looked much better. The clothes looked nice, the guys all looked hot and Katrina looked hot in her dress.

    SRK i do like him a lot, his wife is a mother and she really needs to dress according to that. Ranbir and Imran all though very cue guys there clothes looks like they wanted to me MJackson. It just did not work for me. Being Human was for Charity and the clothes is something people would love to wear.

  4. Karan and his Fag friends! Gauri is a trash she is NOTHING why she is shwing so much attitude in her pics?Karan and Srk as we know a poofs so may be thats why Gauri is angry !

  5. 123 – If you are referring to me then I say you are stupid.

    I love SRK and I even said Ranbir-Imran looks good. But this event was so boring. Nothing special about it. Looks like a normal ramp show. Even with all the famous bolywood stars this seems so dull and ordinary.

    So before accusing me of something check your facts!

    I don’t hate SRK, Gauri, Karan, Imran or Ranbir then why would you call me Hater?

    That’s lame.

  6. wow!! Shahrukh looks great like always and gauri also looks nice, like her dress she look superb. I have seen on tv as well they were great. Shahrukh was enjoying with gauri they were amazing. Shahrukh and Gauri look like a real models.

  7. wow they all look good especially srk n gauri. guys chill she is walking down the ramp wearing the clothes designed by someone. Thats what someone designed for her to wear and she looks great especially because she is a mother to two children.

  8. EEWW!!!!!!!!! Gauri looks lyk a freak in that dress!!!! ranbir n imran look great
    SRK is getting budda now

  9. Imran looks absolutely yummy and shahrukh looks good too, gauri looks better than usual and ranbir although he isnt as good looking as imran has this intensity in his eyes and expression that make him stand out!!

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