Shruti-Zayed at HDIL Couture Week-Day 4


Bollywood actors Shruit Hasan and Zayed Khan sashayed down the runaway at the HDIL Couture Week for designer Manav Gangwani. Shruti is wearing a Rs. One crore worth dress, her choli has diamonds encrusted on it. Like them?


13 thoughts on “Shruti-Zayed at HDIL Couture Week-Day 4

  1. zayed looks fine but shruti looks ugly.
    waste of one crore. instead of wearing and wasting such
    a lot of money on such a disgusting
    and ugly dress, couldnt she give all that money
    to the charity?? they need the money more than
    she does causee atleast they will use it propely and
    not like shruti who will spend it on
    ugly clothes like that.

  2. She looks pretty. Her nose job definatley helped her look. lol good thing she didnt mess her self up like koena..For real now look at her pre and post nose job

  3. Another star kid who never had or have to work hard to reach Indian movie industry. I don’t think her plastic surgery will make her any pretty!

    I started hating her after she abandoned her mom and staying with her dad. If her mom was famous like Kamal and Kamal Hassan was not famous, she would take her mom’s side. I really hate her. Seems like a attention seeking twit.

    Enough with the skin show sweety, you are not that attractive!

    Zayed looks really good.

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