Bebo:I’ll get married after Salman


The age difference between Salman and Kareena is 14 years, but they are complementing each other quite well in their latest movie Main aur Mrs.Khanna that released today. Check out the conversation between Sallu and Bebo.

How was it working together?

Salman: Extraordinary!
Kareena: Rubbish, it was nothing like that… It’s only my second film with him. He’s done many with my sister. We only did Kyon Ki earlier… and it was soppy! This one is lighthearted, it’s sweet, got great music…

Salman: Soppy? Kyon Ki was depressing… it confused emotion with depression! This is a today film. But, yes, I like Lolo… when I first met Kareena, she was Babita’s arrogant daughter, just nine years old.

Kareena: Hahaha, he was upset because I liked Rahul Roy whose film Aashiqui was a hit…
Salman: She’s still a Rahul Roy fan… he’ll be so happy. I remember she had come to the bottom of her building in a transparent nightie to check me out…

Kareena: Don’t listen to him…
Salman: She reminds me a lot of Sangeeta, her personality, the way she talks, something very similar… mentally, they’re the same age.

Kareena: I had fun making Main Aurr Mrs Khanna. I really don’t know Salman as well as Lolo does. And on sets, I interacted more with Sohail. But I love Salman. We had a blast shooting in Australia. We went out every evening. It’s always great being with him. My family loves him. But the problem is, he treats me like a kid… not a heroine.

Salman: Start by writing, “I love Salman!”
Kareena: Don’t embarrass me. Both Saif and I love Salman.

Salman: Saif is fond of me.

Kareena: Okay, I love Salman… but not as much as Lolo does.

Salman: That’s the second headline!

Kareena: Okay, let’s talk about the film…

Salman: It’s about getting married to stay married, a sweet, sensitive, romantic comedy, there’s no shade of dark in it at all, even though you need grey or black for the hero to stand out. But here’s its done with masti, so the more complicated the script gets, the film becomes dhamal. Had it been made seriously, it would have been morally wrong.

Kareena: It’s about a strong relationship and marriage and a woman who stands by her man.
Salman: The day you get married…

Kareena: I’ll get married after Salman!

So folks have you watched Main aur Mrs. Khanna?

14 thoughts on “Bebo:I’ll get married after Salman

  1. Nice couple but too bad the movie is gonna flop :(
    Lee – I see you smiling and let’s see what’s gonna happen to Aish’s movie. Do you believe in Karma, if not, then it’s about time you do.

  2. sweety i agree with u so much! happening is the best song out of thw whole entire film although i havnt watched the film… kareena u rock and keep it up bebo.!!!!!!!xx

  3. Saw the movie, everyone must watch it…
    Its a very good movie, after long………………………………….
    Love all the songs, the best is HAPPENING

  4. Film sounds like a good story. And I guess it’s good to have friends who are comfortable with each other and if she’s waiting for him to get married she’ll have to wait a while cause Sallu is in no RUSH but her clock has started to TICK.

  5. I must admit, even though i dislike Salman a lot, i enjoyed his wanted movie, and i just watched this movie and it was one of the best iove ever seen.

    It’s true, this is worth a watch. No Spoilers sorry.

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