Priyanka goes BlueBlue


While the Bollywood box office is waiting for the release of Akshay Kumar’s Blue,Priyanka has made her hair go blue with blue funky streaks.

She says, “Oh, this is not for any movie. I have done it for myself. All these years I have been doing something or the other for a movie, but these blue streaks are just for fun. An idea that occurred to me randomly and I went ahead with it.”

“There are times when you want to do something different, I guess that is where the idea came from,” added the actress who played 12 different characters in her recently released.”

So folks love Priyanka’s blue streaks?

14 thoughts on “Priyanka goes BlueBlue

  1. Looks okay!

    If she wants to do something different then start covering up her body and stop wearing skimpy outfits to promote movies.

    I like her but she always wears the most vulgar dresses.

  2. Okay Okay I c the streaks but not so much visible are they? But I guess they look alright. I hate her new hair style. She should go back to her long locks.

  3. Colorful streaks were in Fashion in Hollywood couple of months ago, I guess they’ve just arrived in Bollywood. I kind a like the idea but not so much on Dark Hair because colorful streaks look a bit weird of Dark Jet Black hair. Julia Roberts and couple of other actresses did pink streaks and ends on their blond hair. I thought it looked great but not so much on dark hair. Admin didn’t show the blue streak hair picture. What’s up with that?

  4. Cant really see the streaks but am not liking her new hair much anyway – jasmin give the admin a break im sure they have other things they need to do too not just putting up news on this site!!

  5. admin run out of gossip huh???!!! we have already seen this when she was competeting with genilia. come on bring us some more good gossip instead of rubbish things like this. anyway u cant see the streaks so whats the point of even having them?? priyanka…………………..

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