Blue screening at Middle East International Film Festival


The cast of upcoming flick Blue attended the screening of their flick at Middle East International Film Festival. While Akshay’s wife Twinkle wore a elegant light blue saree, A.R Rahman’s wife dazzled in a black and maroon suit.


14 thoughts on “Blue screening at Middle East International Film Festival

  1. I agree with lot of people asking why isn’t Kat not here when the team went around publishing her name on every single posters, promos and articles. It’s a cheap publicity stunt. They used her name for nothing. She got like 8 mins.

  2. Thank God Twinkle is covered …. and she looks gracefull
    whats wrong with Akshays .he always talk about from being a Middle class family man and a old
    fashion man .. then why so much double standerd his wife is half naked most of the time .
    and if some one please tell these almost naked women .. thats not the way 90% of Indian women
    dresses .. so come to sense and cover them self .. true beauty is not to be in naked ..

  3. i totally wht ar. rahmans wife is wearing she always wears
    traditional indian clothes even at the oscars and she just
    stands out! she is very simple and beutiful!

  4. wtf?? where the hell is kylie minogue?? she is a big part of the moveie blue.
    just cause of that song “chiggy wiggy” which was sung by kylie minouge that film is turning out to be a big hit.
    kylie is a really beautiful singer and deserves to be in the promos, posters and screenings and all of those things

  5. Ziba, katrina has got a special appearance in the film and so isnt involved much in the promotional events or anything else which is kind of silly cz she wouldve brought in a large amount of the audience!!

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