Sridevi & Sophie at HDIL Couture Week


Actresses Sridevi and Sophie Choudhary wore Manish Malhotra saree’s while attending designer Manish Malhotra’s show at the Couture Week. Who do you think looks the best?

19 thoughts on “Sridevi & Sophie at HDIL Couture Week

  1. sridevi always looks stunning ond so cannot compare the comparables..she is acting according to her age only how fabulously she carries it..tats wat u need to look who else is there

  2. Sridevi hands down!!! No comparison here. Sophie’s face looks weirdly big. I like Sri’s saree better. no ugly frills like sophie’s. yuck!

  3. Sridevi looks fab and beautiful, sophie looks good to compared to what she normally looks like but if i had to pick i would go for sridevi!!

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