SRK in mafia flick Xtreme City


Hollywood legendary screenplay writer Paul Schrader is making an English flick with Mumbai’s mafia world as its backdrop and SRK has given his nod for starring in the flick.

Schrader who has written Taxi Driver and American Gigolo, has collaborated with Mushtaq Sheikh and Anubhav Sinha,to make the mafia flick titled Xtreme City, and is going to be made with a budget of USD 10 million.

Schrader recently said, “Spending time in India and working with a Bollywood talent like Shiekh has inspired and excited me to make a film accessible and meaningful to both Indian and American cultures.”

SRK has given his nod for the flick, as Mushtaq is a close friend, who has done screenplays for his flick Om Shanti Om, Billu and the under production Ra-1.

Xtreme City will be an out and out action flick and will be set in “brutal, impenetrable, criminal orbit of Mumbai”.

23 thoughts on “SRK in mafia flick Xtreme City

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  5. SRK is the oldest 40+ in bollywood!! Salman, Akshay and and Aamir are still too hot and Sallu is not balding he was doing a film about 18century, so he has to get the look of the film.

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  7. I think SRK is the best person to play this role. as for sanjay dutt i think he lost his charm or w/e u want to call it all i see him doing now is muna bhai(idk how to spell it). and i dont think jasmine meant that srk should do every single film. its just that on this site there are a lot of srk haters and the only negative thing they can bring up is that he is too old when salman and amir r the same age and salman is definetely balding.

  8. Good for him but i dont think that he is right for this role cz as ziba has said the mafia type role suits people like sanjay. Shahrukh might be able to play the role well and be watched by his fans but i think if sanjay was playing the character for me atleast it wouldve been alot more exciting cz he really suits roles like that!! I agree with you jasmin about your comment that people should not judge by age but by talent – but i would also like to add that there are other actors/actresses that are just as good or better than shahrukh so thats why people make films with those actors too and it would be boring to see lots of films that have the same actor in them!

  9. finally someone has made a good choice and chosen srk in stead of salman and aamir. srk has got talent but people only judge him by his age and nothing else. u realise that he is getting old but u dont realise that salman is balding?? there are very few people or even none who actually say that yeh salman is balding and srk is ageing. very people say that.
    srk is the best thing that has ever
    happened to bollywood. forget about katrina and ranbir cause they are nothiung compared to our king khan.
    many people will probaly disagree and start swearing ate me and make rude comments on me but i dont care.
    people here need to take peoples opinions as no problem. but as usual there is always someone
    who starts fussing pver little things and
    swear at other people if they are disagreeing with them. there
    is a word called nice and kind in this world you know. if you cant take
    peoples opinions with out
    making a fuss and a racket then i think that this is not the right place for you.

  10. Okay i like SRK just like everyone else, but he should not be the person who should act like a Mafia person. That role really should go to Sunjay Dutt. Who else other then Sunjay Dutt could play a head of a mafia so well. SRK was good in DON but he can sometimes over act when it comes tough guy role. where as Sunjay it comes natural to him and its more believable. I think ever since Slumdog since he missed out in that movie he is know trying to get in to any role that a Hollywood Director shows him.

  11. It’s a very good news for SRK.If everything goes well it will be a great for SRK and all of his fan.I’m waiting for a long time to watch him in a hollywood film.Because he deserve to be an international star

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