Genelia & Suzanne at HDIL Couture Week


On the day one of HDIL India Couture Week, jewelery designer Farah Khan showcased her jewelery and the show stoppers for her jewelery were sister Suzanne Khan and actress Genelia D’Souza. Their dresses were designed by Gauri Nainika. Who do you think looks the best?


24 thoughts on “Genelia & Suzanne at HDIL Couture Week

  1. I would like to challenge this so called jewelery dsngrs to come on the open Platform our Jewelery Designer Council of India would love to interview them in front of the media & LET THE TRUTH PREVAIL,any takers ?

  2. NONSENSE RUBBISH FILTH these are the words comes to my mind when celebrites think they are best in every thing, they are the biggest CHEATS & have CHEAP mentality just to be in the limelight they will lay claim on some lesser known designer hard work & his creativity—- SHAME !

  3. what do you mean by Couture week ?
    According to me it is all FARCE, because they are promoting jewelery designers who have no knowledge about designing getting their designs from poor bengali designers and copying from catalogues and taking the credit is not CREATIVE but CHEATING.

  4. ABSOLUTELY LOVE WHAT GENELIA IS WEARINGG. suzanne looks heaps pretty tooo but i think in tht picturee her dress looks like it dsnt fit her properly. its probably jst the picture tho. and i love both their hairr. but in these two pics i love genelia and her smile her hair and the dress=]=] as for the jewelleryc nt relli see it:/

  5. everything is LOUSY & SICK these so called celebrity jewelery designers have no BRAINS there designs are inspired & copy of Harry Winston & Graff they have a very Bleak future ,

  6. Both are looking gorgeous. No comparison between the two though. Suzanne looks poised and graceful while Genelia looks mature, sexy and cute all the while. Must say, both the ladies fulfill their roles well, they’re both stunning enough to stop the show! Jokes apart, good work guys!

  7. Both the beauties are outstanding and marvellous, but to choose one suzzane is pretty good for her beauty and genelie for her smiling and cute face.

  8. They both look good – very similar looking dresses with the whole rose thing going on but i defo prefer what suzzanne is wearing!!

  9. Suzanne she looks very pretty and beautiful in that dress however i agree she does need to smile alothough genilia doesnt look that bad but she just needs to stop showing her teeth and wear something that suits her.x

  10. I like Suzanne Khan’s look and Genelia looks very different (I like it) but I hate her dress. But I also think that Suzanne Khan is very skinny. Someone needs to feed her some food. Both of their hair styles are a mess & that dress. Ewwwww Not with that hair style Miss D’Souza.

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