Mallika Sherawat on Sensazn magmag


Check out Mallika Sherawat on the front cover of Sensazn magazine’s latest issue, where she reveals her world domination in the best possible way. Like her?

10 thoughts on “Mallika Sherawat on Sensazn magmag

  1. O, “N” you’re so nice. Very well put.

    She looks good on this cover. She’s a item girl in the Bollywood industry and I think she is okay in acting. I am not her fan but I think that she has done well enough to be noticed by Hollywood and Jackie Chan and it’s working for her. I think she has a very good body. Not fat not skinny but very sexy. Just right.

  2. she is not pretty
    she is not a good actress
    she is only famous for showing her body off
    she is only famous for snogging scenes
    she is a disgusting woman who sometimes has a dirty scene with one man and then changes to another.
    do u guys think that she has changed or do you think she is still the maked woman who exposes herself to everyone??
    i think she is disgusting and i have just told u lot why. if u agree with me then u can reply back if u have the time!
    malikaa i dont really like u at all and so just cause ur not exposing ur self that much now
    it doesnt mean that people like me will
    forget what dirty things u do in films.

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