De Dhana Dhan new posters

Check out the latest posters of Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal starrer De Dhana Dhan. Like them?




40 thoughts on “De Dhana Dhan new posters

  1. Looking good, kinda looks like a mix of singh is king with a bit of namaste london, anyways it will be awsome……………..cant wait

  2. The first picture is my favourite
    They look awesome together
    Agree with number 27
    Deepika’n’Akshay you have a point
    This movie is a hit already lol

  3. Comment 21 ‘Me’ is a lunatic
    Agree with 27
    Love you Katrina and Akshay!!!
    The second best movie of the year after Wanted

  4. I cant wait for this movie
    When is it coming out??
    My favourite actors are in it
    Agree with comment 27
    That guy in comment 21 named ‘Me’ is a loser

  5. This movie is sure to be a comedy riot looking at the cast
    Its a super hit
    Akshay is great
    Everyone is agreeing with comment 27
    But I agree with it too it makes sense

  6. What the hell comment 26 we are not even on the topic
    Comment 27 you are completely correct
    Anyway Akshay is the man
    He will always bring luck to movies
    Love you Akshay!!!!
    This movie will be an absolute hit

  7. This movie will rock!!
    Love Akshay, Katrina, Paresh and Suniel
    As for comment 21
    You are a perve
    yOU ALWAYS Look at everything at dirty angles

  8. I have proved my point.

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    5) DeshDrohi’s

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  9. katrina lookz pretty
    but akshay dnt think so
    katrina lookz much better with salman khan
    and in the first picture luk where akshayz hand iz

  10. i like this jodi very much, their jodi really work in onscreen, specially in comedy flick. but i think ranvir-kat make batter onscreen couple thn kat-akshay or kat-salman jodi. and i m waiting for akshay-ashwariya starer ACTION REPLY, where i watch my fav actress ash with akshay

  11. I no I agree wiv u jasmine.. i think akshay luks gud 2.. PPl r like soo JLS!!! i luv sayin dat now.. hey jasmine r u frm U.k?

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