Sushmita Troubled by Mob!


Thats I guess the price people need to pay for stardom. Recently Sushmita inaugurated a Jewelry store in Pune and she got attacked by the mob.

“She was waving out to people and suddenly someone pushed her hard and she was almost about to fall,” reported a source.

Mobs can be extremely dangerous. Recently we heard that Bipasha’s breasts got groped by a pervert in the mob when she went for Durga Puja in Mumbai.

27 thoughts on “Sushmita Troubled by Mob!

  1. I have proved my point.

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    1) Ugly Paki females who have no chance to look like her, and so will put her down to make themselves feel better. My suggestion to these people is to go to a self-esteem class, so that they can learn to feel good about themselves and others.

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  2. N why the fuck are u doing this to people?? go and get a life u are disgusting me. if i meet u , im gonna puke on your face bastard. ginb ur ryte everyone is flipping annoyed of this fake N

  3. yh fake N mann – u reli shud stop – LOL even 11 yr olds r disgusted by u – besharam loooooooooooooollll 😀 and yh i agree diamond darling, N – jus change ur name, i no its jarrin bt… .

  4. its ridiculous. india is not safe for women. wherever u go, in bus , local train or shopping some mob try their best to touch u. even bolly star r not safe now. those mobs should put in jail and hang till death.

  5. diomand darling !! missed u!! the fake N is a true lowlife and has got nothing better to do. i think this person is the same person who was faking me too. bastard son of a bitch

  6. I am going to stop reacting comment 15/16 because people on this site know who is real and who is not – il let them decide and as for you if this is the best you can do then im not impressed at all!! Say what you like i am not going to retaliate and drop to your level now!

  7. The idiotic lowlife that is using my name to make stupid comments needs to stop – zaara you are right there is someone using my name in the wrong way but please ignore them cz they have nothing better to do with thier time and though i know who it is i dont want to say their name but i will if this continues!

  8. what do u mean by commenter N?? im a normal 11 year old girl not like u who wants to kick peoples asses.. why have u suddenly become so rude?? IM SURE UR NOT THE SAME n I USED TO KNOW CAUSE WE WERE KINDA FRIENDS but i think ur just a fake N who wants to kick peoples asses 24 7…

  9. zaara i agree with u. the N i know was a calm person who didnt tend to swear so much and make rude comments such as
    i wanna kick ur ass. someone is makeing a id on ns name cause i swear this n is so different to the old one.

  10. What happened to Bips was sad but this actually looks funny. I mean look at Sush’s face. But that is bad what happened. I feel for her. he he he he

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