Kareena doesn't want to shoot with Shahid


Kareena Kapoor has refused to shoot for Satish Kaushik’s Milenge Milenge with Shahid Kapoor, for the two new songs recorded by Himesh.

A source close to Kareena says, “Kareena is more than happy to extend all cooperation to producer Boney Kapoor and director Satish Kaushik, but she won’t shoot an extra songs for the film. Shahid is a closed chapter.”

The new song recorded by Himesh is the promotional track of the movie. Shahid and Bebo have ruled out any public appearances for the publicity of the flick together.

Director Saitsh Kaushik says, “Neither Shahid nor Kareena will shoot any more for the film. We’ll use the footage that we have for the two songs in the beginning and end-titles and for the promotional video.”

Would you watch the flick folks?

30 thoughts on “Kareena doesn't want to shoot with Shahid

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  2. if she can’t b bovered 2 do 2 mre measly songs, y shud i bova watchin it????! I’m jusgna watch it cos sexy shahid’s in it. init.

  3. Do or Dnt!!!!!
    its just a song and mayb dancs….
    wats the big deal unless Bebo hads some Feelings……Mmmmmmm……
    Shahid just go on with life…. ITS HER LOST….

  4. Shahid is sooo sad seriously hiz a sad person hiz still worrying bout kareena OMG she moved on with saif and shes happy and shahid is stil stuck there ! GET A LIFE SHAHID !!! forget kareena she dsnt love you this is not ishq vishq where shes gona cum bck to you like amrita (payal) did ! go make movies with amrita shes bette for you . and shes also better looker than kareena !

  5. its not like shahid is going to eat her!!!!
    what is wrong with her?
    its a gain for shahid that he doesnt have to do an extra shoot with that backstabben loser,lol

    N whats wrong with you!!!!!

  6. shut up N abput this comenter thingy this is all flipping rubbish u idiotic person u aint the same N i know it so go and get a life and stop making fake ids up of people who are decent and sharif not like u …

  7. kareena and shahid should come back together ! they look too good ! comeon kareena i love u u r my fave actress so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz listen to me beboooo

  8. why is kareena making it a big deal omg she’s an actress for godsake she shouldnt take it so personal since its her job to act and do the best she can for the movie and songs of the movie she should put her personal issues to the side when it comes to this get over yourself bebo and move on …

  9. i will watch it but if they want it to be a success they gotta promote it , and whats worse is that it was made years ago

    and they should be professional

  10. What about Mutual Respect and work professionally? Too Bad cause I think they look okay together. They dance well together. I really liked their last movie so it’ll be sad to not see them but then again their careers have just begun (they are reaching the peak) and it’s too early to call off the reunion. They still have a long way to go.

  11. lol i wont comment back saying what i was going to because i am in no mood for an argument so lets leave it at that – your conscience will tell you how much truth there is in what you say!

  12. For the first time i actually agree with something you have said palak!! They both should forget the past – they have both moved on and should act proffessional when it comes to their job!! About watching the film i probably will but only for shahid!!

  13. why? they both are doing great in their careear. what is past is past. they both should forget and move on. i want to see thm together again

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