Hello! Dimple Kapadia


Now that is called a refreshing change. The original diva of Bollywood Dimple Kapadia exudes grace and sensuality with utmost ease on the cover of latest edition of Hello! magazine. I simply love it. Like it folks?

10 thoughts on “Hello! Dimple Kapadia

  1. What the hell is she wearing? Seems like a curtain. Plastic surgery can do wonders.
    Wasn’t she having an affair with Sunny Deol?

  2. We know it’s not u N.I don’t undrstand why people see the need to use someone else’s name to say nasty things.If ur so brave use ur own damn name geez.Anyways she looks really good.

  3. Dang, Lady. She looks hot hot hot. Now who can say that at her age? Certainly not Mrs, Bachan like “N” said. True True. I mean both mrs. B’s. haha

  4. Wow – i must say she is looking fab for her age although she is wearing alot of makeup and the pic has been photoshopped she is still a beautiful lady!! When you compare her with someone like jaya bachan there is no competition about who looks best!!

  5. omg iwant to know her secret for staying so young! Omg thats so good that she takes care of herself
    lol jaya bachchan looks sooo much older than her husband.. Twinkle never reached her mother’s level of
    fame and beauty. You go Dimple!!!!!!

  6. OMG.. still she is soo soo stunning and beautiful . i still find her hot and sexy. she reall maintain herself. wish u all the best

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