Freida Pinto at Middle East Intl. Film Festival


Yet another red carpet appearance from international star Freida Pinto. She wore a stunning black gown by Marc Jacobs to the red carpet. However her hairdo was disappointing. I was wondering why she didn’t get a classic french knot done and let her pig-tails hang down like she was getting ready for school. Thumbs up to the dress, makeup and accessories and thumbs down to the hairdo! You like?

36 thoughts on “Freida Pinto at Middle East Intl. Film Festival

  1. hay fake n dont u dare say bad word 4 any1 here or
    And about pinto and ash i dont lyk them i lyk only kajool i think she is the queen of bollywood what u gyz think?

  2. shes not ugly but she just has a typical indian look. She looks average and i dont

    think she would ever work in bollywood. For real now compare her to kareena or


  3. I have proved my point.

    Only 6 types of people hate Ash.

    1) Ugly Paki females who have no chance to look like her, and so will put her down to make themselves feel better. My suggestion to these people is to go to a self-esteem class, so that they can learn to feel good about themselves and others.

    2) Porki Paki’s who are jealous of every Indian success. I would suggest to these people the following: Develop your own world class talent. Why do they even watch Indian films?… Oh yeah, it’s because they don’t have talent of their own.

    3) Paki Mohajir’s who got left behind, now living in slums.

    4) Fat Ugly Women. It’s only because of women like Ash that your men will come close to you. You see, they have Ash’s image in their mind when they are forced to service you Piggies. So, you should be grateful to Ash that you are no longer Virgins. WORSHIP HER you fools!!

    5) DeshDrohi’s

    6) Faggots and BullDykes!


  4. you’re absolutely right, her hair looks kiddish

    but her outfit makes up for this

    and all those ash haters… i know she can be obnoxious at times, but she’s not “trash”

  5. I agree, no swearing please guys. My previous comments made it very clear that I am not a fan of Ash, but I have never used bad words towards Ash or those who is a loyal fan to Ash. If they wrote something directly toward my comments, I have responded back to them with reasoning and clearing words, and what I really meant, but not bad words like many have used. Lets all of us share our opinion and rebuttal if we have to or need to or want to, but using such bad words. Shame on those who have used bad words. I agree with Jasmin. But Jasmin should know that I rebuttal LEE’s comments, didn’t attack him for liking Ash, or anyone who likes Ash. I have pointed out may things, but never in a attack way. Ready all my comments, the past ones as well. I have pointed things out and explained things, and just had a little fun with my words, but not bad words. I simply laid my opinion down, just like LEE had his opinion about my comments. LEE is cool with it, I am sure.

    This blogging is fun, please do not use bad words to make it a bad environment. Reason with other commentators but not call their names like some have.

  6. i agree with u jasmin. people b so rude with me just coz i like ash. even someone use my name and said abuse thing n made bad comment .

    its a free country and every body can express her opinion.


  7. this is my opinion and so for the people out there who get pissed of easily please dont start swearing at me if u think im wrong.
    lots of people here have said that they love pinto and blah blah but i think differently….
    pinto is nowhere as good as kareena katrina and ash. pinto is nowhere as pretty as them lot. lots of people here have made a fuss that lee loves ash and have started swearing at him just cause he likes ash and dont like pinto. whats so bad in that?? its lees choice and we cant stop him can we?? if u cant take peoples opinons quitly then why are u on this website?? read the comments and if u disagree then say but atleast dont say that oh ….. u mother fucker i hate u how dare u say this…..
    say it in a nice way or atleast dont swear. yeh if that person starts swearing at u when u have not dont anything to them then yeh go ahead and have a row with them… if u want..
    overall i think that people should not take peoples comments to heart as that is their comment and opinion and u have urs ….

  8. Don’t listen to LEE

    This insecure Aish fan is nothing but lowlife uneducated bastard.
    Lee, take a break from licking Aish’s ass you son of a bitch!

  9. LEE, WHATS UP! WHATS GOING ON! How are you Lee? Nice to hear from you. So you don’t agree with me. I don’t like her, nor do I like her act. No I have never seen her interview because I don’t find her interesting enough to listen to anything she have to say. I just said that comparing the two ladies in my comments, I find Mis. Pinto to be more natural looking. I was referring to her make-up done, and looking simple, and not fake looking smile, like Ash. I think what is bothering you is that I mentioned Ash and not liking her. I do believe Mis. Pinto is a wannabe.

    Lee, I did mentioned that I will determine her acting and liking her or not liking her based on her other movies she will be making. I am not sure if I am gonna ever watch any of her movie. LEE please read my first comment again. You will see that, you and I have similar thought about Mis. Pinto. Good to hear from you though. You are funny to attack someones comments without reading the full comments.

  10. @20, Freida already acts fake so what are you talking about? She is a Western wannabe who likes to pretend she is not Indian.

    Have you read her interviews putting down BW and India? Let’s see how far her 15 minutes in SDM takes her after a couple years.

  11. EWWWWW i wud hav preferred her wiv 2 plaits, instead of her havin fake hair as the strap 2 her dress!! i dnt like pinto.. mayb i’m jealous, i dno, i jus dnt fink she deserves this massive hype around her.. but i hav 2 admit she is pretty.

  12. I dont like her as an actress, but if I have to choose between Ash and Mis. Pinto, I am going for Mis. Pinto. I feel and see that she has natural beauty. She doesn’t have to use make-up and her smile is believable and natural. As for her talent, I will have to figure it out with her next movie. In Slum. Mill. she didn’t do anything. All the credit should go to the kids, and the directors and producers. Those kids, I am just so proud of them. They are the real reason that movie got all the votes. She was in the movie for 5 or 10min maybe. I don’t understand why people are so mad about her based on her 10 min act. I will wait for the next movie. I am not even sure if I want watch her next movie. But I see and feel this natural beauty, and a very nice smile. I hope she is going stay to herself, and not change or act fake like FAKE QUEEN ASSSHHHH.

  13. ugly dress and pose. she looks confuse. but i want to wish her, coz she is indian and hope something good from this indian talent

  14. She luks rotie buh u serious ppl.. NATURAL TALENt.. she ain;t got no talent… she was in slumdog for like 5 minzz n she dun nuttin impressive in dat tym…sooo she sin’t got no NATURAL TALENt.n she ain’t dat pretty either..x

  15. this is to hte fake N
    u mother fucker how dare u say such a thing to me????? why dont u go and fuck ur mum?? stupid idiot why on earth did u say u wanna fuck me and ash?? u must be older than me but i have the sence and u fucking dont and the reason for that is that ur mum and dad have not taught u any blooming manners. go and get a life u dirty person and trust me if u say such a thing to me or anyone else u watch what i will do to u. wanna fuck a girl well go and fuck ur mum cause im sure she will like it .

  16. i honselty think the blogger should make ppl fill out a registration
    form to be able to comment. ppl imperosnate others like whts hapeing tp

  17. I thinks she looks nice!! And the other comments on this page using my name arent me – it is some idiot who is using my name to put across their filthy views so please dont pay any attention to them!

  18. Its so unfortunate that people always have to talk bad about Ash. Freida Pinto has no talent!
    She can never reach the status of Ash. Slumdog Millionaire gave Freida the platform to develope
    her craft, but let’s wait and see how far she gets in this business. Ash keep up the GREAT work!!

  19. hahaha she does not have was in a’s the dress lol but it makes her look like she has pigtails from the front lol, still cute though.

  20. She looks beautiful. Better than Ash Trash. People love her so much that they wanna dress her and she has so many movie offers that she has to refuse certain films because of dates and she has just started. I love her and wish her all the BEST! Person with actual talent.

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