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Which Bollywood actor do you think looks hot and happening in the good ‘ol black suit and who looks bad?

96 thoughts on “Poll of the Day

  1. SHAHID looks the besttttt :) hee ripped itt byy farr <3
    uhmm salman and john would be nextt theyy both lok veryy cutee
    srk also looks good
    akshay would be nextt
    abhi saif and hrritakk EWWWWWWWWWWWWW 😐

  2. the winner is…………………… srk!! looks too good
    runner up in second place is……………salman looks ok but not the best
    third runner up is………………… no one as the others look ugly compared to srk..

  3. Also agree with N (#2) again! Not a good pic of Hrithik which was obviously taken off one of the awards pics – even his one foot looks skew!

  4. hijra salman with his silicon boobs
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  5. hijra salman with his silicon boobs
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  6. SHAHID KAPURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    saif looks like a fucking asshole!
    i hav noticed dat most people agree wid me dat shahid looks best n saif worst.
    but u guys put up a not so good pic of shahid from da rajiv gandhi awards.
    if any of u hav seen a good ic f him from dat award show u will realize how bloody sexyyyyyyyy he wuz lookin

  7. salman looks the best blind can say that too…..without any favouritism…han john worst is saif than hritik (greek ghost) shahrukh ( skeleton) he has to put some weight

  8. obviously SRK is first then salman, he is model so maybe that is why he looks good… shahid looks cute as always:)….. what is up with hritic and saif sorry but need a style check… the rest are okay…

  9. Salman looks best , shahrukh looks equally good. rest all are fine except abhishek bachchan, he is the worst looking in our film industry and no matter what designer wear he wears he looks terribly bad.

  10. Salman looks the best in these pics. Abhishek looks dumb like always. Akshay looks ugly, what with the bald spots and with the white goatee etc etc. Saif looks like a weirdo with those glasses lol. The rest look ok…

  11. acording to these pics is Salman all the way!!!
    website didn’t show nice pics of Shahid, Hritic and Akki…
    so its not a fare poll!!!

  12. Actually everyone looks good except for Abhishek – Jeez he is the UGLIEST actors our film industry ever had!

  13. SRK: HOT !
    Salman: NOT !
    Abhishek: Hot
    John: Hot
    Hrithik: Not
    Next Guy: Not
    Shahid: HOT !
    Akshay: Not. Needs to shave his beard.

  14. i dont think it is fair that the editor decided to pick salmans pic where he is modeling and the rest of the actors pictures are from interviews or shows.
    but out of these pics salman does look good also shahid n srk.

  15. hahahahahah abhishekh still has his dostana character lmao whats wrong with him??? he got maried with karan joar on sets of dostana????

  16. Srk and salman looking the best shahid and john looking sexy and hot but i didnt like the red circle on his forehead looks ugly maybe ruined everything and those who are a fan of abhishek let me tel you he is looking GAY no offence buh he iz luk at hiz pose gay ! saif i have no idea wer yu got those geeky glasses they look bigger than you ! akshay is looking the oldest ! and hrithik yu look stupid chnge yur style plzz yur face is filled up with hair only ! so i wud say srk salman and shahid look tha best i wud av sed jonh buh hate wat it iz on his forehead ! x

  17. Salman looks best
    Shahrukh looks very cool

    Abhishek looks like gay
    akshay looks terribly bad
    saif looks pathetic
    hrithik looks messy

  18. Looking hot:
    1- John – great as always
    2- Abhishek – looks good and soooo funny
    3- Akshay – looking good
    4- Salman – Stylish

    Looking bad:
    1- Saif – looks like an E.T.
    2- Hritik – looks like a clown
    3- Shahrukh – looks like an old man
    4- Shahid – looks like a girl!

    Of course, this is my opinion!

  19. shahrukh khan the baadshah,king,baazigar,and the don of bollywood really looks brilliant in the black suit.

    he is simply the best.

    no one can compete with him.
    he is from 1st to best

  20. I think salman, shahrukh, shahid and john look fab in the black suits!! The worst or the guys that look bad would have to be Abhi and also saif (cz of his weird hair and glasses), hrithik couldve looked better had he made more of an effort on his overall look and akshay looks ok but kind of old with the white beard!! So yh its salman, shahrukh and shahid 4 me!!

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