Preity becomes host and dost


Preity is all set to make her debut on small-screen as a host of her talk show titled – The Preity Zinda show.

The show will be on air from mid-December and will show Preity interacting with Bollywood celebrities as her guests. the bubbly actress has been paid a whooping 10 crore for 20 episodes.

A source says, β€œThe deal was finalised last week when the channel officials met her in Los Angeles where she is currently. Preity is quite excited about her television debut. However everything about the deal is hush-hush right now and no one is allowed to talk about it.”

20 thoughts on “Preity becomes host and dost

  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwww lokin pretty, beautiful, gawjuss, top of the world,,,,,,, ur names is same as u pretttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol…………… i hope she gonna do sum more movies…………………:):):):) bleessssssssss her…………………………..

  2. She is a good actress & I enjoy her movies, her personal life is just that, personal.
    TV is a good move to get more exposure & pays quite a bit. Congratulations!

  3. Why do you guys believe some random guy who was her ex-boyfriend? Obviously they broke up so he would say bad things about her. It didn’t come from her mouth, so get your facts right before you say anything bad about anyone.

  4. Cn’t w8! n honestly ppl ….shut up bou Mark robinson! hez a Unemployeed jerk! Everything he says is A BIG FAT LIE… preity is relli sweet!

  5. lol i find quite funny when people bash actresses based on rumours and what some nobody has to say!! Anyways, good for her i guess since she hasnt got any films in hand at the moment going onto T.V is a smart move although i do hope it doesnt mean that she completely stops doing films!

  6. OLD grandma, true slut. thats why mark(mujhe is jungle se bachau) dump her. she like 3som sex and regularly take drugs

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