Celebs promote Dance Premiere League

uttar-ke-puttar-1 copy

Celebs Kareena Kapoor, Salman Khan and Bipasha Basu are promoting Sony’s latest reality show – Dance Premiere League. The League has 6 teams from all the zones and one international team, Uttar Ka Puttar, Souther Sizzlers, Eastern Tigers,Western Yodhas,Central Surmas and Desi Pardesi.

Salman is supporting Uttar Ke Puttar and Bipasha Basu is promoting Eastern Tigers.The show will be aired soon on Sony.

8 thoughts on “Celebs promote Dance Premiere League

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  2. Looking forward to it although im sure it will cause friction between the various actors supporting different groups!! I heard shahrukh was also supposed to be a part of this!!

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