SRK at Tag Heuer Press Conference


TAG Heuer recently hosted Toofles Foundation-TAG Heuer Style for Smiles evening for India Giving Week. Ambassador SRK was also seen at the evening supporting the cause.

The evening saw the powerful CEO’s of India and abroad walking the ramp, which included,Deepak Parekh,Adi Godrej and Prasoon Joshi amongst others.

SRK said, “My relationship with TAG Heuer is very special and when they asked me to be a part of this wonderful initiative, I was more than happy. It is refreshing to see the captains of industry walking the ramp as opposed to models and stars. These are very busy people, and they have taken time out to give what they can to the less fortunate. It is heartening to see that those at the top are willing to share the wealth, to try to achieve some kind of collective prosperity.”

Actor Kunal Kapoor also walked the ramp along with other model showcasing timeless pieces of TAG Heuer watches.

11 thoughts on “SRK at Tag Heuer Press Conference

  1. he isnt the only actor who dances at weddings. almost all of them do salman akshay saif n more…its not a bad thing its entertainment and there job anyways i agree he looks classy!

  2. Tag Huer classier than Pepsi & a little more expensive! SRK has the right to make money any way he wishes, he is not stealing or killing, but honestly working. Why do you people have a problem with this?

  3. TAG Heuer sure is more clever than Pepsi! How can a company turn THIS brand ambassador down? Instead they should be proud that such a man does the job!

  4. to all the srk haters….
    SRK is the only actor who will dance for your wedding for money….
    im saving up ima make him dance when he turns 70

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