Aamir to play an AIDS victim


National Award winner filmmaker, Priyadarshan, is all set to make a flick with Aamir Khan where he will be playing an Aids victim.

Priyan says, “My next film is a meaningful and realistic take on AIDS. I have narrated the story to Aamir and he really liked it, though I have not presented him a bound script yet.”

The previous Bollywood flicks made on the topic of AIDS were Phir Milenge and My Brother Nikhil.

Lets see how perfectionist Aamir will enact the role of a AIDS patient.

9 thoughts on “Aamir to play an AIDS victim

  1. in sure 3 idiots is gona b a fun movie n this one prolly will go international too. i think this guy is the best actor we have now. and he is one of the few superstars we have that’s still not overrated. i hope he dosent change his picky attitude.

  2. I liked phir milenge and my brother nikhil even though they werent given enough appreciation from people that like the song-dance routine but they were good films!! Aamir is a fab actor and so i look forward to all his films anyway but this one being on a sensitive subject im looking forward to it more!

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