Shahid Kapoor wears bum bags


Shahid Kapoor these days has one of the best physiques in tinsel town, but his rather flat butt has made him take the help of bum bags.

Shahid Kapoor apparently wears bum bags to make his butt look more rounded and fuller.

A bum bag also called hip sack is worn at the waist and strapped near the hips, it is held in place with a zipper.

A source says, “Shahid has been wearing bum bags ever since his debut film, Ishq Vishk in 2003.”

“He has been unable to put on weight on his hips. Actually, he has a very lean and boyish structure.”

“He arrives on the sets very casually. But, once he enters his vanity van, he makes sure that he wears bum bags in every single shot.”

Inspite of wearing those bum bags, his bums completely fall flat.

31 thoughts on “Shahid Kapoor wears bum bags

  1. Wht a nasty thing to say! Who cares? Flat asses are also becoming! I do not believe this to be true, but I do believe it to be meant to cause harm. Shame on you! Who ever wrote ths, is youa ass any better? Sour grapes.

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