Kajol's Olay Advertisement

Check out Kajol in Olay’s latest advertisement. That is too much of make-up..they have made her look unbelievably fair, not good. Like it folks?

11 thoughts on “Kajol's Olay Advertisement

  1. She’s amazing, but her light skin is not giving much contrast with her eyes. THey should have left her with the natural darker skin or they could have put kajal in her eyes to contrast them. It doesn’t matter though, she’s gorgeous in her movies.

  2. I agree with #2 and #4. She is darker and she is a natural beauty. I really like her as an actress. She is not that fair. I wish they had kept her the way she is.

  3. Hah! You are right #2, she is a bit darker, but beautiful! They should have left her natural color, it makes her eyes look more green.

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