Shiney Ahuja Gets Bail Finally


So finally after three long months in judicial custody, actor Shiney Ahuja who had been accused of raping his domestic help , has been granted bail on the surity of Rs.50,000 and the assurance that he will not leave India, but stay out of Mumbai for some time.

There is no clear evidence that Shiney had raped his maid,” said his lawyer Shirish Gupte.

The actor will be required to live in New Delhi and refrain from tampering with evidence in any manner, he said. “He will come to Mumbai every time there is a hearing,” Gupte said.

If the charges against him are proved in the court, Shiney faces a minimum seven-year jail sentence. Considering how slow our judiciary is, even in the fast track court proceedings, the trial would take six months!

16 thoughts on “Shiney Ahuja Gets Bail Finally

  1. lol ur mad that he got bailed when hes accused to raping and then saying the judges daughter and wife should be raped. what a fucking hypocrite!! they are human beings and women. the judge let him go not the women damn some ppl dont think. even if the police functioned properly most of the people have low mentality which is the problem.

  2. Disgusting!!! The Judge who let him go through Bail, that Judge’s wife and daughter/s (if any) should be raped.

    No wonder in India Police Force does not function properly, because when they do function (like in this case), the higher court judges give bail to the actual criminal. Shame on the Judge! Disgusting to the core!!!

  3. i really hope somebody cut of his ding dong while he is on bail lol… and BS to the no evidense crap… N omg only 50k bail for rape??????

  4. In India you can buy your way out of anything. Unfortunately this disgusting man will end up roaming the streets again, touching whoever he wants, because he has money and he can. He’ll probably start working again too! Do you remeber the scandal with Shakti Kapoor and his ‘casting couch’. He is still on the screen. Unfortuntely, it is a man’s world as far as India, and the film industry are concerned.

  5. I always liked him as an actor, he’s got a great charm. I really wish he’s not guilty so we can watch him on screen again.

  6. i dont think ppl should start judging him so far because he hasnt been proven guilty yet so i guess just wait till there is a final verdict for all u kno the maid could be lieing to get money and there r ppl out there who would do that!

  7. We should wait for the trial, if guilty, he will be punished. There is some controversy whether it was consensual or not. The other maid said some interesting things that put a different light on the matter. I am not in favor nor against, just sad to see how we can ruin our lives through stupid actions. He mostly played sensitive men on screen.

  8. the lawyer says there’s no evidence!!! there’s been DNA testing on this case… and its matched with shiney…


  9. Why can’t celebrities just keep their cigarettes in their pants? Don’t they realize they are ruining their own careers because of reckless cigarettes?

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