Anushka Sharma new haircut


Check out Anushka Sharma at a recent event in a brand new haircut. She looks quite nice and resembles Divya Bharti alot in this haircut.

28 thoughts on “Anushka Sharma new haircut

  1. Lookin gorgueos anushka u luk even better than asin u shud hav got the award not her cuz u did the best u luk well preettyyyyyyy and i like ur smile keep ih up ur ma fav not asin she luks stupid on her photos =P

  2. Omg! R u indians blind or what! U say Anushka is fattt? Lyk that is the most inapropriate comment ive ever read! Respect to late Divya Bharti but she’s an old chapter now. It is imperative for us to accept the present actors and that is certainly the most apropriate thing to do! Stop comparing the newcomers with the veterans!!!

  3. I honestly think she will be tagged as the most beautiful woman in the world soon
    This girl got heaps of fans and she is so popular!!

  4. Agree Shona (#3) + Tess (#5/6) – Divya had a rare, baby-faced innocence about her with a mischevious grin at times – not at all common these days. Now it’s sometimes difficult to tell one actress from another – they do not have that unique, distinct look which can set them apart (e.g. Maduri Dixit)

  5. Divya had a spark in her eyes. I haven’t seen that in any actress in Bollywood even Ash Trash is nothing infront of Divya. Too bad she passed away!

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