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Who do you think looks hot in the similiar item song? Aishwarya Rai in Kajrare from Bunty aur Babli or Preity Zinta in Happening from Main aur Mrs Khanna?(Sorry for the bad picture of Ash folks, this is the only one I could get my hands on)

126 thoughts on “Poll of the Day

  1. Those people who call Ash fat need to get real, and decide what fat actually looks like. Actually Ash was filming Bride and Prejudice at the time of this song, and Gurinder Chadda had asked her to put on a stone for the role! Stupid women. I bet if most of you with the negative comments put on a stone, still would look no where near as good as Ash.

  2. jay said
    kopoor 107 kutta sala teri ma nu u motherfucker u sisterfucker
    u said punjabi kuri fat n ugly kutta sala go fuck your mother
    n sister 1 more time realy hard and fuck sali fake ash
    kutta punjabi girls most beautiful in world ok
    go to hell sala

  3. Ash def!!!.. and ppl say she looked fat in that shoot, what i hav to say about that is o well, she looked fat and still rocked it. Not alot of ppl can pull that off.

  4. Does everyone who posts on here have mental retardation? What is with the nasty comments?? If you have nothing nice to say, shut your face. This site has good news stories but the stupid-ass commenters ruin it. IDK why comments are even necessary, no one cares what some fat-ass loser sitting at home thinks about Aish or Preity.


  6. hey aish fans!! I love to see so much good about my idol!

    Aish is so beautefull in kajrare, but I like preity’s song too. But it can’t compare with the fabouluse song of aish. I don’t agree whit comment 22: I don’t think preity can act better than Aish. LOVE YOU too much aish!!

  7. aishwarya looks better because of her experience 4rm manglore strip clubs lolz
    she aced the role really well……….she should do more of this especially she got more experience from bachchan’s house — that is stripping 4 amar singh and pa hahaha
    no can beat her when it comes to slutty looks – it was her job before she entered film……..aishwarya fans are fighting for a stupid plastic slut lol their life is so pathetic & empty! i aint comin back in here so i wont know what her retarded motherfucka fans will say about this – SHAME hahaha!

  8. Omg look at Aish fans cursing and swearing at Preity?
    I don’t understand why though? Why are you guys so insecure?
    This is just ridiculous!
    Preity is fantastic actress, gorgeous girl and her personality is awesome!
    And she is exactly opposite to Aish who is plastic and talentless and her personality sucks!

    Get a life Aish fans! This would have been good if she was paying you but she doesn’t even give a shit about you lol HILARIOUS!

    None of them looks good anyway!

  9. I don’t understand why there are so many hateful comments against Preity!

    It was surely not her idea to be dressed like that – blame the director of the movie but don’t blame her

    People like you make me hate Aish because you are so stupid in commenting against Preity – even Aish doesn’t deserve such “fans” who are discriminating others

    Yeah, all of you, go to hell for not knowing how to behave

  10. what the fuck Karon i think u should be banned from this site got it u motherfucker it’s not me who started this is u and by the way u fucked ur sis last night how was it?? ha ha ha u will neva get a chance to fuck Aish now today fuck ur mum asshole bloody idiot!!!

  11. Wow guys so many insults, u defend them liek they’re ur own fam or something. Give it a break , everyone has their own opinion- no need to be rude or say stupid stuff – it’s just shows how indecent and low of a character u are. In my opinion preity is a better actress – I enjoy her songs more but I don’t need to call aish a whore or fat or ugly to prove my point which is entirely subjective and hence can’t even be proven so everyone who keeps arguing instead of stating their opinion – u are an idiot :)

  12. jay said
    kazi u super idiot.58 i agree with u
    preity looks so pretty .74 AAHMED so what if pakistani people like fake ash
    take her pakistan with u .if pakistan people like her . indian pople like preity ok

  13. They’re both pretty, I love them both, but they both have had hits (Devdas for Ash and KANK for Preity) but both have had flops (Dil Ka Rishta for Ash, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom for Preity) so why can’t you guys appreciate both of them. Since when did this website become a fighting website of who is better and everything?

  14. tess, my dear, at kajra re , ASHs character deserve Nautanki, n she deliver it very welll

    prity also looks extremely beautiful.
    but kajra re song n choreography was batter,

    like them both

  15. #58 I agree with you.

    Preity looks so Pretty….lol
    Plus, Ash looks like a Nautanki or at least she tried to look like a Nautanki in B aur B.

  16. ROFL i love how the delusional retards are picking preity over aish due to their sheer hatred.

    pelase this crapfest song is no match for the evergreen kajra re and also the crackwhore preity is a RUBBISH dancer! she also lacks the elegance and charisma of Aish

    so dream on haters.

  17. Is Ash writing this? There are not that many people who like her! Who cares about her? Give it a rest, there are other actresses that are hotter, yet you pick these two. Why? Controversy?

  18. prity ki boyfnd ne kaha ki o whore hai at mujhe iss jungle se bachau me,
    in this song prity look whore type
    AsH look artistic

  19. I agree with N comment 58 really folks no one gonna read these comments and invite u ppl for dinner just open ur eyes we all are educated ppl why act like stupid :)
    :) God Bless all

  20. Some people are getting really carried away – ash and preity arent going to read these comments you know or give you an award fro supporting them or slagging off another actress, if you dont like one of them then dont say anything rather than talking badly of them and making yourself look stupid!! As far as the question goes i think they both look really good but preity looks better because she has a more toned body for the song!

  21. hmmm ash is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy freakin better looking than preity! but i think “happening” is a better song than ash’s!

  22. comment no 50, its ok if u dislike someone, but not use slang plz, lot of people read thia web page, may b they r not as cheap mentality as urs

    its SALMAN khan who hiding the truth, i m sure, media also support my belive

  23. ASH of course, better looking, way better dancer than preity. Preity is pretty, but she is a copy cat. Ash was very very hot in this song!

  24. COMMMENTOR NO. 40(dump angel), ok ok,u ainstain, take glass n then read this pol again. its not about who looks good, its about who look HOT..
    ya.. ASH… it is

  25. i hate this copy song so much, even dnt go 2watch tht movie, just bcoz tis song.. is it realy necesary to capy ASH?

    why prity agree? so stupid

  26. i think aish in kajra re will always be considered hot, especially since the song was a really big hit… but preity looks really good too!

  27. OK OK, is it just me…or is there anyone else out there, who doesn’t find Ash that pretty? I know for some reason, I will be called an Ash hater…or that I’m jealous, or whatever, but I just dont find her attractive.

  28. salman n vivek r gay, they both use innocent ASH to get each other attention, may b now they become couple, long live salman n vivek

  29. YO! she dusn’t choose wat she luks like in da song she jus duz wat shes told soo stop blamin her for copyin~! u dumb haters! ash is pretty n soo is preity buh tbh ash luks FAT! so shut up! OKEY!

  30. YO! she dusn’t choose wat she luks like in da song she jus duz wat shes told soo stop blamin her for copyin~! u dumb haters! ash is pretty n soo is preity buh tbh ash luks FAT! so shut up!

  31. YO! she dusn’t choose wat she luks like in da song she jus duz wat shes told soo stop blamin her for copyin~! u dumb haters! ash is pretty n soo is preity buh tbh ash luks FAT!

  32. who is director n producer of this movie? r the mad? dnt they know this dress n chordeography is similam to kajra re?

    or it just a publicit stunt, to make this song , come to lime light?

  33. love ASH
    Salman khan is now flop like his bro, arbaz n sohel khan, n kat also avoid him,
    so sallu try to use ASH to get more publicity, so that at least people dnt forget him

  34. oh .. dear prity, have u no shame? u r a flop actress n now folow ASH to get popular again

    but u know something , u hv a very bad impression in public mind, for ur open drug n 3some sex

  35. if u can say gud about preity so dont even say bad plz i request you all if ash look nice jus say ash but dont use illiterate language please n defo both looks hot

  36. MUJHE ISS JUNGLE SE BACHAU.. is anuone watch that show, where Pritys ex boyfnd acept the fact that preety take DRUG, n like 3some sex

    we all hate u prity zinda
    n love ASH

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