No Jeans for Priyanka


Priyanka Chopra who can fit into teeny-weeny clothes with all ease, wasn’t allowed to wear jeans and skirt when she was a school girl.

Priyanka’s mother imposed no-jeans,no-skirts restriction on her after she came from US to Uttar Pradesh.

Piggy chops says,”I wasn’t allowed to wear short skirts and then my jeans were also confiscated. And my mother got 12 salwar kameez sets made for me so that I wore only those because when I used to go to school, guys used to follow me.”

Priyanka is seen with boxer Vijender Singh on Farah Khan’s show Tere Mere Beach mein.

20 thoughts on “No Jeans for Priyanka

  1. she is lying
    i have seen her b4 she bcme actress
    her nose was so huge before surgery and she was so darker with discoloration in her face
    she is such a liar NO GUYS would follow her

    and its funny how she walks semi nude nowdays! overrated DUMBASS

  2. She is beatuful but she’s also a bit too skinny for her height & head. She shud put on juts a little bit weight to have a better look

  3. well priyanka ur mummy lets u wear jeans and short shirts now darling. can’t ur mother see that now millions of men around the world are checking u out. wounder wot ur mother thinks now???…its ok beta if men star at u now. as long as ur rolling the money in our banks. lolo

  4. Hey u silly people out here i m not a Priyanka fan but i m sure she is much more pretty looking
    than all of u here Lol so go get a look in the mirror n tell me if ur head is
    way too smaller than ur body or ur ears too big Lol .

    N u daft people its not her head its her hairstyle taht blow dry that gives it a bit bigger look.

  5. Ya #1 you are right. I thought I was crazy but her body seems to b shrinking and her her is gettin bigger and bigger everyday. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    But seriously she should stop dieting cause obviously it’s not a very good look 4 her.

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