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Faisal Khan talks about brother Aamir Khan


Well the ugly war between brothers Aamir Khan and Faisal Khan is not hidden from public. However the ongoing case between Aamir and Faisal came to an end,with Faisal Khan being declared absolutely normal resulting in Aamir Khan’s defeat.

Faisal in an exclusive interview gives every detail about his brother Aamir and is intentions:

Faisal, what would be the first thing that you’d like to say at this very moment?
That I’m feeling good, I’m feeling vindicated. Finally, sachai ki aur insaniyat ki jeet ho gayi. I’m thrilled that justice has prevailed.

What do you mean by sachai ki jeet?
Frankly, I was never ill.. what has been said so far was speculative and spread by my elder brother Aamir Khan and other family members. In fact, I was kidnapped.. I was under house arrest, unwanted drugs were given to me. On the judgment day, judge saab announced that I’m not suffering from any illness.. and that I’m normal and capable of handling life on my own. I should be treated as a normal person.

How did you prove this in the court?
On December 15, last year, my father Tahir Hussain withdrew his application seeking my custody. After that, I’ve been living on my own. I produced the evidence and pictures of all my appearances in public during the last two months.

Currently, I’m staying on my own at Tilak Nagar, Chembur. Although I’m fighting against my brother who’s a big star, I’m respected by my housing society’s people. I was a judge in my society at the Christmas function where I gave away awards and trophies to kids.

I even went to my native place Shahbad, district Har Doi in U P.. my ancestral property is there. I had filed a case against Aamir Khan there.

I think Aamir realised that I would prove that I’m a normal person and he wouldn’t be able to do anything. He also got to know that I’m getting into agriculture and planning to ask for my share from my ancestors’ lands.

He started negotiating with all our relatives and buying all the lands so that I loose out on all my rights. I had protested against this. Plus, I’ve also joined the Directors’ and the Writers’ associations.

I’m meeting film people to continue my career as an actor.

Why did your father withdraw his custody?
The Versova flat, where my father lives with his second wife and family is on loan. His last film (Dil Dhoondta Hai) has not found any buyers since three or four years, he’s in a bad state.

Aamir has signed on an agreement that if Tahir Hussain can’t payup Rs 22 lakhs then Aamir will do the needful. And in case, if Aamir fails to do this, the producers of Ghajini are entitled to take over the house after paying the amount. So my father was in a fix.

Apart from this, Aamir has also given him a car which he took back when my father took my custody. Aamir also used to give household expenses to our mother (over Rs 2 lakh per month). My mother would give some of this money to my father for his expenses. Aamir stopped this too. I’ve nothing against my father’s decision of withdrawing his custody.

I can understand that Aamir left him with no option but to ignore me.

Hasn’t there been quite a lot of conflict between Aamir Khan and your father?
He was against my father’s decision of second marriage. Even I was but.. whatever happened.. he did not leave our mother. He took care of both his wives. He has always been attached to our mother, emotionally and financially. And I want to know if Aamir is such a nice person, why did his first wife leave him?

If he was so opposed to my father’s second marriage, why did he do the same thing? I always used to ask Aamir to forgive abba and forget everything. Our father was old and an elderly person, it wasn’t nice on Aamir’s part to disown him.

Later, he helped out my father only for his personal gain.

So folks what do you think? Is Aamir Khan really very shrewd as Faisal Khan puts it up?or is he not!document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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