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Sonam gets candid on the couch


Sonam Kapoor is the next guest on Koel Puri’s chat show Couch with Koel and she talks about everything under the sun including the Cannes incident.

A source from the sets says, “Koel got straight to the chase and asked Sonam what she felt about the Cannes disaster. Sonam initially hesitated, then came the all- telling response: “I don’t want to remember it as it is not a pleasant thing to recall.”

Koel who wasn’t impressed with her answer branded her as a diplomatic, to which Sonam replied, “But I am always diplomatic, I have never been not diplomatic.”

But Koel further pressed on the Cannes issue and branding herself as the young face of L’Oreal, to which with irritation she replied, “I say it as I see it!”

Apparently its the most open interview that Sonam has done till date.

Do catch it on Headlines Today on 6th June at 7 pm.

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