Kareena Kapoor's Diet Secrets Revealed


Kareena Kapoor’s dietician Rujuta Diwekar has come out with a book called Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight and Kareena Kapoor wrote a foreword for the book in which she has herself revealed her breakfast secrets that lead to her size zero figure.

“Rujuta has changed my perception towards diets and dieting. She has taught me to eat well, eat right and eat regularly. I started working with her around the time I started work on Tashan. The results are for all to see. My size zero became a topic of national interest. The media asked me if it was diet or exercise. It was a combination of both; 70% diet and 30% exercise-training and yoga,” writes Kareena in her foreword.

“Rujuta understands my work and lifestyle and has given me a diet totally customised to my needs. My diet on work days is different from my diet on shoot days. It even on varies on shoot days, like it is different if I have to dance or perform. The meal is planned according to my level of activity.”

“In Mumbai, my breakfast is muesli and milk or a chillah or parathas; no chai or coffee. While shooting for Tashan in Ladakh. I ate fresh fruit for breakfast and thukpas and momos for my other meals. I had pudina tea without milk. On the last day, I was allowed pizza as well. In Kerala, I had idlis and appams. In Italy it was risotto and pasta with gorgonzola; half portions though, not full.”

“I make sure I eat every two hours. My evening snack or meal is soy milk or a sandwich. Rujuta focuses on nutrition, not calories. Amazingly, she likes to keep the nutritional value of what you eat, as compared to the calories consumed, high. I have learnt what she means when she says, “be smart about food” and still enjoy what you eat. Now thanks to this book, you can (learn) too and I am sure you will find it good enough to eat,” signs off the svelte and gorgeous superstar.

If you are the ones who want to get a zero-sized figure like Kareena.. grab this book at a bookstore near you!

26 thoughts on “Kareena Kapoor's Diet Secrets Revealed

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  2. I know you’ve heard it a million times and you may be sick of it, but here goes. Make sure to drink your water. How much? As a minimum, you need to drink ten, 8 oz. glasses of water per day. Why? When you drink enough water you’re much less likely to be hungry. And interestingly enough, the more water you drink, the less water weight you will keep on your body. More importantly, water helps to filter out impurities in your blood and carries waste to the kidneys for elimination. Water is wonderful for your skin, lubricates your joints and cushions your organs. You need water to keep your brain functioning properly and to transport nutrients in and out of cells. Convinced yet? We hope so! The next question is what kind of water? Drink only bottled or filtered water. Also try Perrier®, club soda, seltzer or sparkling waters with a twist of lemon or lime. Learn to love water!

    1. hav u cin her in real? If not den u shudn put such ludricous assumptions her figure looks gr8 n if u think she dosnt den u shud get an alien check hahaha

  3. It is my great pleasure to visit your website and to enjoy your great posts here. I like that a lot. I can feel that you paid much attention for those articles, as all of them make sense and are very useful

  4. Why Indians are so hung up on Bollywood!! These barely educated film stars decide the
    moral values of a nation which has taught the world how to live life.
    Please, go find yourselves better role models. If the country puts women like Kareena on a high pedestal, that’s what you get.

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  6. hey, u guys are too hard on Kareena. She worked hard to get size zero, everybody can’t
    do that. She did what she thinks is best to survive in her challenging profession.
    She might have made some hasty personal choices, but if that makes her happy, then who
    the hell are we to judge her.

  7. i totally agree with the most of the comment i have read, especially with laras, the bollywood industri needs to think less about stripping than actual coming out with a good film with good storyline. i gave stoped watchin the films. i am a big fan of sanjay dutt, he has been thrw hell of a lot, my support is with you sunjay.

  8. I am so glad to see some of the comments above. I am not Indian but I have always loved Indian movies. The heroins modesty and personalities always inspired me as a child but now I can not even suffer through a quarter of the new movies. It is all about showing skin and dirty scens.I know there is a demad in Indian public and that is why there is a supply but goodness, Indians are changing very fast!

  9. Kareena,you have lower the standard of our culture to-0.Much blood has shed for India and its culture and you and some more like you are trying to take it to the drains Mr. Raj Kapoor must be rolling where ever his spirit is.

  10. Why all these sluts are losing weight?? Want to show off their small boobs?? Better eat whatever we want and lead a happy and healty life..That i smuch more important than anything in this world..And for Kareena Kappor, she is such a whore…

  11. Heyyah x :)
    She’s Such A Slut!! I Loved Rani Mukherjee But Then She Turned A Slut After Losing Weight At The Age Of That! Now After “Dil Bole Hadippa” She Started Wearing Short Dresses Well I Think Didn’t Realise That She Has Got Big Fat Thighs! HAHAHA!!!
    She Shows Off More!! What A Slut..I Used ” Like Rani When She Made Those Cutey Baby Films But OMGG We Can’t Evan Watch It AnyMore Because We All Know That She Wouldn’t Do Those Kind Of Films AnyMore Only The Funny Comedy People! I Got Soo Many Mails That Rani Is A ShowOff Big-Gob NOWWWW!!! Cya People Write Back!! 😀 :) :)

    love yhooo byee OX x x x x x x x x

  12. hellooo kareena is pretty but she is such a slut … look how old is she and she can reveal her body to the bollywood industries why doesn’t she just strip nake dthem so what da fukin point… so what i’m sayin i want kareena to be like some one hu is a good sexy acctress but she is a decent girl. why did she just dump shahid for saif ali kjhan I LOVE BOTH OF THEM BUT I WOULDNT DO that but i would only seee what kind of boys ma parents are interested but it’s not only about sexiness or money it’s about what they do for a living!!!! okayyyy

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