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Kareena Kapoor for Race Sequel!


Race was a huge success and the producers are in the process of deciding on a sequel for the film. The last film saw the execution of Akshaye Khanna and Katrina Kaif as the villains while Saif Ali Khan and Bipasha Basu run free with all the moolah.
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A source reports, “The  directors of this film Abbas-Mastan and the lead heroes are all very eager to come out with its sequel. And if reports are right then the film will be called  ‘Race 2’. The first version produced by Tips will be producing the sequel too. But it is also being reported that there will be a slight change in the choice of heroines for the film. While ‘Race’ had Katrina Kaif and Bips playing the lead ladies, only one heroine has been fixed so far for the sequel, and it will not feature both the ladies featuring in the first version. Reports suggest that Kareena will be playing Saif’s love interest in celluloid too. It has not been disclosed as to who will get to play the other lady.”

Who do you suggest the other actress be along with Kareena?}

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