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Daddy Suman Not Fond Of Kangana


While Kangana Ranaut is happily in love with her boyfriend Adhyayan Suman but Shekhar Suman doesn’t take that down well. He is rather skeptical about his son dating her… he doesn’t say directly but makes statements like these pointing out at Kangana’s background and past.

“When he was 13 he said he wanted to marry the girl he was in love with, and eventually he broke up with her. His childhood sweetheart had been pretty, educated, and from a good family. I and my wife Alka would have been happy to welcome her into the family whenever Adhyayan would have wanted them to but it was not to be,” he said wistfully.
“I had told him to not let it take him away from his work as this is the time to concentrate on his career and that is much more important than his love life and see to it that he never visited her on the sets including no PDA (Public display of affection),” Suman added.

He also said, “My son is happy and that makes me happy. But when a young boy goes out with someone who is not only elder but also senior, things can be misinterpreted. I respect her for the work she has done. She is a fantastic actress. It couldn’t have been easy to come from a small town and make her way here. Yes, she has a past, but like my son said, who doesn’t. But there is no bahu shahu here. Adhyayan will not marry for at least ten years and who knows what will change when. I don’t know Kangana well but there is no animosity towards her at all. I wish them all the best. If the relationship survives, then that’s for the best, if not, life will go on, as it did when he broke up with his first girlfriend.”

Stop getting jealous you oldie… Just let them be!} else {

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