Preity Zinta In Love With Salman Khan

Priety Zinta is really in love with Salman Khan, nope not the real Salman but the reel Salman with his Jat Punjabi look in their forthcoming flick Heroes. Preity has worked with Salman in several films but she complimented that he looks his best in heroes.


“This is for the first time that my male co-star’s look made go completely in awe of him. Salman is a Jat Punjabi in the film and every time I’d see him in that get up I’d go, “Wow! You look so good, Salman!” Salman and I have worked together earlier in films but I had never complimented him ever. But Salman’s Sikh look swept me off my feet,” Preity said smiling.

She plays Sallu’s lady love in the film, a typical Punjabi wife and she says,  “Well I am proud to be his wife… in the film that is!”

Good for you Preity… because we dont see him get married anytime close in real life… better he keeps getting married in films.

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