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Shahid Kapoor is an Alert Mumbaikar


The deadly blast on 13th September rocked Delhi, and actor Shahid Kapoor has come out to appeal fellow Mumbaikars to be safe and alert.

To prevent further deadly terrorist attacks in Mumbai, the local police has come out with the ‘Alert Mumbaikar’ campaign. The campaign aims to make Mumbaikars alert and to report suspicious looking men and about abandoned objects immediately to the police through a dedicated helpline.

And who is better to create awareness among Mumbaikars than Shahid Kapoor!

Shahid says,  “I have never found myself in trouble before. But now we need to be aware of our surroundings all the time.”

The campaign has been launched by the Mumbai Police after a survey conducted by them. Through the survey they got to know that 79% Mumbaikars consider Mumbai as the next hub for bomb blast and only 3% of people are alert enough to report something fishy. nabp drugs online cialis 20 mg

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