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A little bit about Imraan Khan

Imraan Khan has stepped into his Maamu’s shoes to be Bollywood’s original chocolate boy and man, he is too good. Much before his first movie released he had a tremendous female fan following. And guess what, like Maamu dearest, Imraan is extremely fond of filmmaking.


He says,  “I went to film school in Los Angeles, where I trained as a writer and director. After graduating, I worked as a camera operator for a reality show (which never got picked up by any channel) for a few months. Then in 2005 I decided to move back to Bombay and try and make a career here. And the rest, as they say, is history.”

If he hadnt been an actor he would still be involved with movies, as he puts it, “Whatever I chose in life would have to have been connected to films. I love every single aspect of movies, so as long as I get the chance to be a part of making a film, I’m happy.”

And ask him what is the hardest thing about acting, despite being Aamir Khan-the great’s bhanja. And he says two things.

For me, the two hardest things about acting (in no particular order) are: 1. Light, charming, flamboyant scenes. I’m such a somber person; the darkness comes easily to me, but not the other stuff. I have to work hard at that. And 2. Makeup. I hate it. More than anything. It’s sticky, it rubs off on your clothes, on your hands if you happen to touch your face during a scene, on the walls if… you happen to rub your face on a wall. For whatever reason. Luckily I didn’t really use any in Jaane Tu, but I’ve had to use it for Kidnap. You’ll see why when the campaign breaks.”.

With makeup or without it Imraan, you still look the best of the debutants lot we got to see this year.

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