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Salman in pain at Dus Ka Dum


Salman Khan has put an end to the critics who had branded him as an unprofessional at the shoot of his Dus Ka Dum reality show.

The super Khan was unwell recently due to changing climate and was suffering from a throat infection. The show bosses had asked Sallu to take rest but the actor was adamant to complete the shoot.

A source present at the show said, “Salman was clearly unwell during the shooting of Dus Ka Dum the other day. He kept coughing even during the breaks of the shoot. Almost everybody suggested him to wait and take rest but he didn’t listen. He went on with his hosting but while playing the game show with one of the contestants, he couldn’t resist but blurt out his pain.”

Later Salman opened up about his pain and said, “The tonsils are acting up. I should have gotten them removed when I was young. But then I did not because I had a cavity in the tooth and was afraid of having ice cream after the tonsils operation. Now the cavity has been taken care of but the tonsils remain and continue to trouble.”

The source added, “The contestant was amused and so was the audience. Only Salman is capable of doing something like this.”

Now what do critics have to say about this?

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